Blawie d’Trickster

Oh, the sleight-of-hand tricks pulled by the bald goofball in a black robe are amazing! Today Judge John F. Blawie pulled a fast one, but not fast enough for the now famous blog not to spot. He ordered the State prosecutor to turn over a ‘sealed’ document to the defense in the criminal trial of horse face, Michelle Troconis da bitch, associated with Fotis Dulos and the death of the beautiful Jennifer. Something ‘sealed’ in a criminal matter? C’mon, who is going to buy that bullshit?

Quick recap. Jen goes missing, New Cannan Police drop their donuts after urging from NYPD, Attorney Michael Meehan, the shiester GAL for the five kids, hints to local cops to get a copy of the psyche eval done by jew psychobabblist quackster Dr. Steven Herman that is in the divorce court file. Donut cops get a search warrant, clerk gives them a copy, back to the donut shop, then the State Police Major Donut Whoring Crime Division gets involved, take a copy for themselves, cold case results.

Attorney Jon Schoenhorn files for disclosure of evidence held by the prosecutor against his client Ms. Horseface from Argentina. Horseface is facing charges relating to disappearance of Jen, despite no state’s evidence. A criminal trial is prosecution of criminal charges brought on behalf of the people thru the prosecutor, who in Connecticut is called ‘State’s Attorney’, a walking fuck up named Richard Colangelo. In criminal proceedings, everything is public, SCOTUS even says so. ‘We the people’ have cause and right to scrutinize the conduct of the court, the prosecutor, and the police. But not in Corrupticut. Blawie claims that the fabricated psychobabble evaluation is ‘sealed’; hidden from public view. Blawie is a simple retard in a black robe, who shits in a diaper. He is so corrupt that he violates due process of a criminal court to protect Judge Donna Heller’s jewish misconduct in the family court. There is no sealed anything in a criminal trial. Once the search warrant was executed, a copy was taken from the divorce file, it entered the criminal justice system, it left the evil clutches of jew Heller. What is Blawie doing claiming it is sealed, besides violating the Constitution? First, Fifth, Sixth, Fourteenth.

Blawie claims that he must keep the unsealed document sealed, away from public scrutiny to protect the ‘best interest’ of the now orphaned children. Blawie thinks the public is too stupid to call his bluff that there is no best interest of child criteria in criminal court, his trickery being obvious. This clown is begging for being kicked off the bench by an angry mob of Patriots. What if the public figures out that this fabricated opinion was arranged by Meehan and Midler to drag out litigation, which resulted in Jen’s death? What then? Can Blawie hold his breath long enough to walk the bottom of Long Island Sound in concrete shoes? Oh, what the hordes will do, once revealed that five orphans were the direct result of a jewish divorce racket enriching lawyers and judges. How enraged will the mob be, realizing that mothers can’t get divorced until properly ‘evaluated’ by a jewish quackster, appointed by a jewish judge? Oi vey, heads will bounce!

Blawie is protecting the jewish scam of psychobabble used in divorce matters to paint mom black, to strip her of custody, simple. It is criminal racketeering, a federal crime, run by the judges for the sole purpose of fleecing families with money. Blawie cannot let the evaluation be seen by the public, as it clearly proves Judge Heller and Attorney Midler conspired to drag out a simple administrative no-fault divorce to bleed Jen’s bank. Can’t let the people see what jew judges in divorce court let pass for expertise, expert witness, expert child trafficker. The mob might become angry, surround the jewdiciary with pitchforks, tar, feathers, even .50 calibre long guns, then go after the heads of these domestic enemies of the Constitution.

Blawie is a nutjob, deserving of an inhumane demise at the hands of a sovereign people who have no use for a bald moron in a diaper.

Dr. Stephen Herman, an EXPERT, according to jew Judge Donna Heller.