Vicki Frenzel Tool of William J. Grohs

The devious mind of William J. Grohs has enlisted the aid of batshit crazy live in girlfriend, pseudo fiancée and self-appointed step mother to attack the mother of his only children.  Nothing like the side affects of syphilis to create a true madman.

Vicki Frenzel has filed for a restraining order against the mother of her self-described step daughters; syphilis and its mental derangements spreads in close quarters.  Vicki gets the Emmy Award for creative writing in a family drama.  Read her sensational application for TRO here.  It puts words right in the mouth of the junior sexual predator of the household, her real son Marc a sophomore at Watertown High who she has just pushed on to the public stage of family law litigation.  William Grohs spends  hundreds of thousands of dollars over six years trying to undo an agreement that he voluntarily made with advice of counsel to end his second failed marriage.  Poor boy is so stupid that he can’t even agree to his own agreements.  So now he involves his pretend side kick fuckbuddy and her kid to attack the mother of his children.  Drama gets better by the week.  What is wrong with William J. Grohs that he uses children as weapons of pointless courtroom tricks?

Be at the courthouse, 400 Grand at 2 pm on Wednesday, 1 November for more pointless William J. Grohs drama, as he shows the world yet again what an asshole he really is.

Editor’s Note:  Perhaps William promised Vicki a wedding if she gets her son Marc to lie in court?