Oh, Jen!

Let’s have an accountability discussion about the cesspool known as Connecticut Family Court and five kids who lost their mother. Recently Nigger Boy Robinson, the Chief Justice of the Cesspool sent an email to all the overpaid twits of the judiciary, making obscure claim that the department and its judges had to do a better job. What the fuck? Like can they perform their jobs any more incompetently? Let’s examine the simple divorce function of the family division of Superior Court and how it failed Jen Dulos, costing five kids their mother.

Having had it with being married, Jen applied to the State to dissolve the union. All states issue ‘no-fault’ divorces through the court system. Why the court, nobody knows anymore, it is a task more suited for the DMV, without the road test. But the law is the law, so Jen filed her papers on 20 June 2017 and paid the fee. She should have been free of marital bonds a few months later. There were no issues. Hubby Fotis was an adulterer, the family was broke and in debt, Jen was supporting the kids … nothing to argue about, dissolve the marriage, call the next case. But that did not happen, as family court under Chiefness Chase T. Rogers was a fleecing scam set up to enrich scum lawyers at the expense of children. The blog famous ‘dyke-on-the-byke’ Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto was head of family court, responsible for the proper and efficient issuance of no-fault divorces. The case was handled under the jewish eye of Judge Donna Heller in Stamford Judicial District. By Thanksgiving, the beautiful Ms. Jennifer Farber should have been the most eligible divorcee in New Canaan … but this is Connecticut.

Jen had too much money for the State Judiciary to leave on the table for a statutorily compliant ‘no-fault divorce’ issued in a timely matter by law. Jen was going to get special treatment to extract the maximum possible from her bank. Judges Thomas Colin and Stanley Novack tag-teamed Jen for 294 days with all sorts of expensive bullshit, forcing her to remain married to a monster while subjecting the children to protracted emotional abuse. Then Judge Heller stepped in to finish off Jen completely. Heller abused Jen and the kids for another 411 days from April 2018 until the disappearance in May 2019. The State forced Jen to remain in an adulterous marriage for no purpose at law, costing over $1.5M. Where in the statutes does the legislature suggest the court needs 705 days and a million bucks to find ‘no-fault’ to dissolve a marriage. Where?

Nigger Boy Robinson became Chief Justice in mid-June 2018, one year after Jen applied to the State for her ‘no-fault’ divorce and just a month and a half after Judge Jane Emons got kicked off the bench by the legislature for being a family court fuck up. According to Chief Administrative Judge Patrick Carroll, the demise of Emons ‘chilled the judiciary’! Robinson sits on his fat dumb black ass for the next 340 days running the freak show that tears Jen’s life apart. Then Jen goes missing. Where was the email to judges and employees that the law is not designed to take 705 days to issue a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. Where is the cry to lame employees to ‘triple’ their effort? Where is the outrage? Robinson is quiet, like he is hiding from the wrath of the people. Afraid of being lynched?

Then on 25 May 2020, a year after Jen’s murder, some white prick cop halfway across the country has the unfortunate coincidence of having a knee on the back of some fat, cracked up, cuffed, criminal nigger who expires from being cracked up and fat. Robinson springs to action!! He writes an email in outrage that another citizen died in police custody. Oi vey! Cry me a river! But for Robinson, the white cop and the black crook brings out the pain from his days in the deep south, picking cotton, being whipped until he said his name ‘Toby’. Painful memories of being sold by a chieftain in Africa for some rum and trinkets, a suffocating voyage on the bottom rack of a slave ship across a rolling ocean, the devastating loss of his jungle heritage. His rage exploded on the keyboard. A righteous email was pounded out and sent to everyone in the judicial branch, including judges, to remind them of their responsibilities to niggers in Minneapolis.

But what about Jen? She had the white knee of the nigger’s family court in her back for 705 days, forced by judges of the State to remain bound in a life threatening marriage. Jen got lynched by the dumb nigger at the head of the judicial branch who held no concern that his courts could not perform simple administrative duties. Whatever Chase Rogers had done, whatever Elizabeth Bozzuto was doing, how long Donna Heller kept the State’s knee on Jen’s back was of no concern to him … cause she was white and the judges were white. Niggers don’t care about law when white folk get fucked. Only when the indignity befalls the nigger by the white man is there injustice!

Oh, Jen … why did we do this to you?

Beautiful Jen, judicial knee on her back, lawyer hands in her purse, died while black man sat in charge of the system that killed her.