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Moukawsher’s Folly

The big retarded dummy of the Connecticut Superior Court displays constitutional infirmity by vindictive jewdicial retaliation against a practitioner of zealous advocacy in an adversarial system. The Military College of South Carolina is disowning this graduate, scrubbing alumni rolls of a child predator and domestic terrorist. Southern gentleman do not separate mother from child in baseless claim of best interest. Moukawsher reveals he is not a man, has no balls, can’t count to First, is a true threat to society. Let freedom ring!

The putrid flaw of Connecticut courts is jewdicial discretion exceeds the rule of law, common law, constitutional principles, even common sense. Moukawsher disbars an attorney by his viewpoint discrimination, a mere difference of opinion. He believes that family court is not a den of jewish thieves working together to fleece the goy and traffic children, where billable hours abrogate the law. His opinion is trite. No one cares what the shit-head thinks. He is a lousy judge, an arrogant ass, a terrible role model, a black-robed moron sucking up a state paycheck dumped in family court to shield proper courts from his insanity. His folly is ignorance of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The people’s court is not Moukawsher’s castle, his wrath is not law. The power of the court to admit and disbar attorneys rests on the common law from which courts derived. The court determines who is qualified to be an attorney or not. The power to disbar is not arbitrary and despotic, it is not the power of whim fueled by prejudice or hostility, but must respect rights and independence of persons in practice, lest the dignity of the court be shattered.

Zealous advocacy in the American adversarial justice system is guarded by the redress clause of the First Amendment, forced upon rogue nutmeg courts by the Fourteenth Amendment, which makes Moukawsher’s Folly criminal conduct under 18 USC ยง242, by deprivation of free expression of a person acting in protection of infants. The disbarment is punishment for exercise of free speech. Let that sink in.

Time for ‘we the people’ to stomp a foot on the throat of this tyrant. Sic semper tyrannis! Or in famous Blog style .50 cal to the head. Moukawsher has no authority to use a set of Rules created by a commission of state employees to defeat the First Amendment; not how it works in the land of the free and the home of the brave. He sat his fat ass on his little throne, listening to retarded branch employee Leanne Larson, disciplinary counsel, recite violations of Rules, providing tyrannical foundation to defeat First Amendment protections. Amazing! State sponsored terrorism, domestic enemies of the Constitution, in full public view. Monsters like Moukawsher are the reason for the Second Amendment, the founders saw him coming. Lock and load, dry powder and lead shot preserves the Republic, blood of tyrants the natural manure for the Tree of Liberty.

A little set of Rules, written by a little group of idiot judges providing public illusion of regulating lawyers for a grand purpose of a kangaroo court, cited to deprive a citizen of life, liberty, privileges, and immunities enjoyed by equals. Jewdicial rules of conduct defeat constitutional protections. Color of state law, or just jewdicial retaliation? Everyone can shout that jews run family court, that DCF is engaged in child trafficking, but say it in front of Moukawsher, the First Amendment extinguishes, a tyrant appears, a throat begs crushing.

Violate the First Amendment in betrayal of oath, in defiance of public duty, watch Second Amendment muzzle flashes until the sacred Tree is refreshed. Tyrants of the appellate or supreme court who uphold Moukawsher’s tyranny beg the same defense of liberty, further refreshing a very thirsty Tree.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it; patriots called to arms.

Editor’s Note: Moukawsher disbars a lawyer for baseless allegations against Judge Adelman who severed constitutionally protected mother-child bonds on baseless allegations. Baseless rule of jews?

Looking like Liberty Tree fertilizer
Citadel Patriots bearing arms in constitutional defense
… like parched.
Crush a throat, save the Republic