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Separation Of Powers

The now-famous Blog of the worst kind ponders separation of powers doctrine involving the jewdiciary of Connecticut, exposing a tragic flaw of the family division that acts in contradiction, in full public view, to accomplish a private agenda promoted by jewish ideology. The flaw lies in plain sight, obvious to the most casual observer, constitutionally impermissible, but upheld by jewdicial masters in abuse of the goy.

There is a long history of debate over powers between the legislature and the jewdiciary of Connecticut. In early times, everything is subordinate to the legislative council, an English model stemming from the King’s Charter. After the state constitution of 1818, bickering over control of court practice rules grew. The legislature passed the Practice Act of 1879 allowing judges to make rules for the purpose of effecting litigation, simple procedures for pleadings, not to expand powers of the court nor abridge rights of citizens, subject to legislative review by power of a sovereign people thru elected representatives; checks and balances stuff of the American experiment. All should have been well until some assholes in black robes invoked ‘separation of powers doctrine’, claiming an independent judicial branch could not be under control of the legislature or the pesky peasants they represent … a jewish reprisal on the American form of government, a jewdicial scourge foreseen by Thomas Jefferson. The Connecticut drama is described in a 1975 essay by UCONN law professor Richard Kay which describes the chosen schism of the jewdiciary, high handed, self-serving supremacy opinions, exemption from sovereign control. Ok, fine, got it, jews in black robes are exempt from peasant review, nothing new. Separation of powers by jewish interpretation makes the jewdiciary separate and untouchable … buh buh wait … how inconsistent is the application?

Blog scrutiny department notes that family division straddles two branches of government in doctrinal violation, allowing discretion to defeat public policy. The family court has a division devoted to ‘family services‘ employing counselors who are under management by judges. The services are described as:

Family Services addresses concerns such as child custody, child access, financial matters, property disputes, and Temporary Restraining Orders. This is done through Alternative Dispute Resolution services, such as pre-trial Settlement Negotiation, Conciliation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Conferences, where disputes can often be addressed in a way that promotes individual responsibility and self-determination. There are situations when parents cannot reach agreement regarding their parenting dispute. In these cases, Family Services conducts issue-Focused Evaluations and Comprehensive Evaluations. Parenting plans that are focused on the best interests of the children are then recommended to the parents and the court. Family Services also coordinates outside services such as Supervised Visitation, Transition in Parenting, and the Parent Education Program.

Whatever bullshit services are provided, they are not judicial functions, so why are these employees managed by a judge? Under the separation doctrine such services are a function of the executive branch. Who is tricking whom here? Why is the judicial branch usurping powers of the executive that have nothing to do with adversarial trial procedures of a court system? There is the tragic flaw, trickery, jewdicial deceit, where jewish ideology of familial destruction requires its own foot soldiers to inflict physical harm and emotional suffering where jewdicial flying monkeys provide ideological recommendations to the court, consistent with jewdicial thought, played out as due process on an unsuspecting public. Judges hold no purpose in law, managing, directing, training monkeys on what to do with families before the bench. Blog personnel department found branch job descriptions, where performance metrics require building relationships with the judges, working for jewdicial approval, building jewdicial confidence, being a good employee by telling the judge what the jewish ideology demands. Pay raises and promotions are controlled by family court judges … go figure how the game works and why. State employees of no qualification nor licensing, act under jewdicial mind control, are paid by the state to make RECOMMENDATIONS on children of fit parents, to an authority controlling salary and performance evaluations.  See the scam?  See the violation of separation of powers doctrine? See how Elliot Solomon constructed family division in defiance of governing principles of American government obtaining complete control of family destruction? Pretty obvious, pretty slick, pretty unconstitutional, but very very jewish. The violation is directed by Joe DiTunno, a court clingon, who sucks up $165k/yr directing a private agenda in violation of separation doctrine … a due process violation.

The executive branch has a huge department focused on children and families, under direct control of the Governor, in full public view with legislative oversight, both state and federal, which holds all powers and duties to assist parents free of jewdicial ideology of Elliot Solomon and his chosen miscreants. See how the jews work? The defeat of due process lies in the ‘broad discretion‘ conferred upon the jewdiciary by jews of the high state court, where an employee of the executive branch cannot suggest mother-child separation is best interest of anyone, as state public policy advocates strong families and loved children, a fundamental liberty interest protected by the 5th and 14th Amendment, but an employee of the jewdiciary can advocate isolating kids from mom as it is upheld by the discretion of the jews in black robes.  See the trick? By stripping the jewdicial branch of ‘family services’ employees there can be no recommendations, training, policy, theories, opinions that advocate destruction of parent-bonds, which ends custody fights, bankrupts the family bar association and ends the jewish ideology of raping childhood, plundering savings in name of administrative no-fault divorce.

The public question remains ‘what is the limit of judicial branch function’? There is no restraint on jewdicial powers when the head of family division creates a ‘training’ program to certify GALs, instruction by vendors, charlatans, judges in jewish ideology of profiteering on familial destruction, beyond review or regulation by the sovereign thru elected representatives, which fingers the nigger, kikes, cunts, jews, attorneys on the state Judiciary Committee in conspiracy to defeat sovereign rights, failing to maintain separation of powers, allowing rogue jew judges to prey on children, a rabbinical fuck fest.

Editor’s Note:  It is now perfectly clear why no state employee will challenge judges who separate children from mothers, these family services employees are jewish deception, state paycheck sponges, child traffickers; why the Second Amendment exists.

The charlatans that defeat separation of powers doctrine to promote jewish ideology in familial destruction, un-American, un-constitutional, but in full public view.

Niggers, jews, cunts of the Jewdiciary Committee responsible for allowing jewdicial tyranny to usurp powers of a sovereign, advance familial destruction in deprivation of separation of powers protections, welcome to gulag Connecticut, your warden is a jew.

Second Amendment is designed to deal with a rogue jewdiciary in protection of children and defense of rights.