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The now-famous, all seeing, Worst Blog of the free speech kind, spotlights commercial discrimination by elitist pissants of the Connecticut Judicial Branch, who discriminate against Apple users for no purpose in law, but in defiance of the redress clause.  Black robed retards, suffering inflated egos, delusions of grandeur, along with other undiagnosed mental disorders, create irrational and unlawful impediments to justice, directly violating state constitution Article First, §10, providing access to justice without sale, denial, or delay.  Sadly, words on paper don’t stop jewery’s affliction upon sovereign goy. Rabbinical law rules!

The great black idiot, CJ Robinson, requires pleadings in the high courts to be made solely in a restricted font, Century Schoolbook, not available to Apple users.  The font involves a license, which Apple eschews.  The little moles known as clerks, trained to do jewdicial bidding, deny court access for lack of font compliance, a discriminatory act, not rooted in 1A redress clause, a Fourteenth Amendment violation.  How far has the republic fallen, allowing morons to defecate on the Bill of Rights?

The archaic organization is so stuck in its self-assumed ways that overpriced transcripts are delivered in paper form and on compact discs.  No Apple product comes with a CD drive.  Can’t stick it in Ipad nor MacBook, just an outdated media form that went the way of the 8-track, for which state retards cannot recognize as worthless.  When simple requests for an e-copy in pdf text searchable format is requested, chief clerk Carl Cicchetti, reporter Laurie Carroll falsely state no requirement exists to provide usable format to Apple users.  Overpaid branch management does not recognize federal requirements for formats associated with their e file, web based systems: ADA, Title II, ICT standards.  Such a sad state of affairs: how can the public trust the clowns in black robes to make proper legal decisions in light of intentional public discrimination and harassment?

Time to recognize the judicial branch is incapable of delivering its necessary function, the government of the people, for the people, and by the people … excluding Apple users.  The essence of self-government requires destruction and replacement of governing bodies that fail the sovereign.  Time to eradicate the Branch in its present form, expunge morons, replace judges, establish proper oversight, flush minions of the judiciary committee, puppets to their jewdicial masters, take back the courts … leave a mark, warning those who follow in tyrannical administration of justice.

Editor’s Note:  The taxpayers of Connecticut provide massive amounts of funding for a state agency to comply with federal requirements, the ruling elite spend it elsewhere. Jewdicial tyranny is obvious to the most casual observer, betrayal of public trust.

 Goons of the court, discrimination against Apple users, denial of access to justice, elitist rules to fuck with the goy, incapable of compliance to federal regulations, begging the question as to their usefulness to a sovereign people.

Jewdicial monsters fuck with goy over fonts in denial of access to justice, Second Amendment provides a wide range of calibre in editorial retort to such deprivation of liberties, Second protects First in defense against domestic enemies of the Constitution, who happen to where black robes.  Attacking a sovereign is a deadly undertaking.