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Jew Grossman

The now-famous Blog highlights the reappointment of jewish communist judge of the family court, Jane Grossman. Jewish ideology aims to destroy the concept of family, eliminate traditional roles of mother, father, church, culture, or societal beliefs. Crushing every element of white identity out of life is what jews live for. A singular jewish construction promotes this belief for goyim. Jews on the Connecticut family court are a necessary element of the destruction of a white Christian society. Children become creatures of the chosen state, to be raped at will satisfying the grotesque pleasures of an evil tribe.

Jane Grossman runs a rabbinical court served by Satan’s foot soldiers, ignoring law, but doing what is in jewdicial best interest for four-legged calves of their four-legged parents. Grossman labels mothers ‘crazy’ then applies jewdicial whim to destroy parent-child bonds. Simple stroke of pen cuts mom out of the life of the fruit of her womb. A jewish delight, exercising powers not granted, proving again the supremacy of the jewish race over the subservient goyim. Mothers of goy children hold no purpose once the umbilical cord is cut. An enlightened society finds cause to arrest Grossman’s behavior. More frightful than a jew like Grossman is the collective support of the joint jewdiciary committee of the General Assembly that supports the rabbinical court of childhood rape.

Again, Blog observes niggers, jews, dykes, and state licensed lawyers, masquerading as representatives of a sovereign people conspiring to flood the bench with jewish wrath on a free people and their children. Nigger boy Gary Winfield obeys his master’s directions not to make a fuss over the jew antics of family court, where Grossman rules with absolute discretion to carry out societal destruction in disregard for the Constitution. Sidekick pedo Steven Stafstrom did the same. Nigger girl Robyn Porter heaped praise on the jewdicial shit, as instructed by her jew masters. Rabbinical worship piled on by Craig Fishbein and deviant John Kissel rounds out the vomit. Everyone knows Jane Grossman is a pathetic excuse of a judge. She relishes in support by the state pedo ring to traffic children and plunder family savings, she is a candidate for headless river raft excursion with the fellow jewish judges running family court outside the rule of law. She could be rafted between Adleman and Wetstone, with Albis and Solomon in tow. Crabs and lobsters of Long Island Sound salivate in advance of such a kosher feast.

Watch the charade here.

The public has great interest to collect all family court custody decisions issued by Judge Grossman, but is impossible for the jewdiciary works to conceal such decisions from ‘we the people’. How can the nigger committee chair evaluate the nomination, if her record of decisions is hidden from a curious and sovereign people? How is it that jew boy Elliot Solomon conspiring with little kike pedo prick Eric Levine, the Official Reporter of Decisions, ($155k/yr) under direction of Big Nigger Robinson to hide all family court decisions from public review? JEWISH? Of course! Goy have no business scrutinizing the conduct of the rabbinical court designed to crush families with public funds by jewdicial whim.

Editor’s Note: There is no legitimate state interest in isolating a child from mother under the color of dissolution law, it is just prima facie truth that family court judges rule over the goy from the Talmud, in destruction of families. Elected representatives on the judiciary committee promote this form of jewish terrorism.