Mentally deranged blog star Judge Thomas Moukawsher issues a decision admitting to a jewish conspiracy in the Connecticut Family Court. Blog editors confer the ‘Chicken Scratch’ award for the most rambling writing ever. But without the Nutmeg retards in black robes, there would be slim pickens for blog material and no machine guns.

Historians understand ‘no-fault’ divorce is a jewish invention, created as an element of communism to destroy the concept of family, substituting the state for parents. Societies existed for thousands of years based on families, loving parents, and raising children without attacking marriage until the jews who collapsed Russian Orthodoxy implemented it in 1918. Revolutionary Bolsheviks were jews, funded by jews, and worked together as jews in what is called a conspiracy. Jews assassinated Czar Nicholas, the imperial head of the church, in an act of conspiracy. The kikes even shot his dog and his entire family, then raped the corpses of the royal daughters and Empress Alexandra. Jews conspire for an international boycott against Germany in 1933, proclaiming ‘Judea Declares War On Germany’. Kikes also conspired to blow up the British Governor’s Office in Palestine in 1946, killing 91 and severely injuring 46; jews conspired in the early sixties to steal American enriched uranium for Israel’s nuclear weapons; jews conspired, in 1967, to shoot up USS Liberty, killing 34 Americans and injuring 171, in 1967; the list goes on.

No-fault divorce is injected into American society, thru sole efforts of the jewish organization called The AFCC, founded in a Los Angeles courthouse by jew judges and lawyers of family court in 1963. No surprise, where marriage is a sacrament of the Catholic Church, being a benefit to an enlightened society, then the jews will target it for destruction. The anti-christ will be jew.

For years the Connecticut Family Court has been run by the jewish mafia of the Bar; decisions can be purchased. The worst lawyers, having no legal skills, ended up in family court, a last resort professional stop before suicide, ditch digging, or judicial appointment. Judge Elliot Solomon is the state’s singular architect of jewdicial family destruction with focus on maximizing lawyer feed. He trains all the family court judges, keeps the training material secret, issues secret bench books, directs how families are to be destroyed, ensures maximum financial destruction, even down to the detail that judges do not put GAL invoices in the file, to evade public scrutiny. The fact that GAL payments are never reported to the IRS is purposeful as well. Absolute Immunity is conferred upon GALs in 2005 by the jews of the state’s highest court, at Solomon’s direction. Guardians play a vital role in agitating protracted litigation, driving financial plunder, while providing tax free kickbacks to doting judges who dole out the lucrative appointments to their pets, protecting them with absolute immunity furthers their abilities to operate in the criminal zone. Guardians request repeated status conferences where greedy lawyers come to court for no legal purpose, but to bill their clients and smile at the judge. The pinnacle of the jew’s game came in 2007, when jew Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone presided over the Tauck divorce trial, 86 days before the bench, $13M in fees, 600 motions, total of over 1,000 docket entries, over twenty law firms. A kosher feast for jew lawyers with their snouts in Holly’s trough. The GAL walked away with well over a million, a chunk of it going to the judge; like tipping the blackjack dealer after a winning night at the casino. Only difference is the casino is a legal operation.

Jew boy Attorney Reuben Midler fleeced Nancy Tauck, while racketeer conspirator Tom Colin swindled Peter Tauck, where the two kids were trafficked by GAL Gaetano Ferro who personally pocketed $1.3M with no questions asked. Total ‘necessary and reasonable‘ fees approved by jew Judge Holly Wetstone to dozens of court vultures was $13.3M. Holly let it all happen, cleared the court’s schedule and perpetuated the senseless litigation for the benefit of lawyers. Very jewish, but nothing to do with law.

Connecticut Family Court is so mean and evil that it can only be designed and run by heartless jews, who tear children from mothers for legal fees. Child trafficking is profitable. No religion on earth condones taking kids away from mother on the whim of a jew in a black robe. Federal law calls it child abuse, State policy abhors it, only jews relish in shekels for removing the calf from its four-legged mother. Money is the god of the jew. Moukawsher lets the cat out of the bag in the opening paragraph of his decision.

Mouk (blog luvs nicknames) states that the leadership (sic) of the judiciary has been giving family court special attention because it has declared the system fucked up. The now-famous Blog has documented the fuckery for quite some time, but Blog’s investigative staff finds no declaration of leadership (sic). Where is this public announcement? What is ‘special attention’? Who are the leaders (sic)? What are the goals? Blog loves to quote word-salad from the jewdiciary who feigns constitutional fortitude or that the scum judges and dirt-bag lawyers have any other purpose than draining the last dollar out of every family bank it touches. Mouk steps on a landmine.

Mouk stated as much in the hearing on the matter. He stated the process takes too long and costs too much, which terrifies the public to know that the judges know that the public is being fleeced for simple administrative no-fault divorce and the trial judges condone it. Undermining public confidence in the courts is a jewish parasitic speciality in Connecticut, a violation of jewdicial Canon too. Why did jew Judge Jane Emons get kicked off the bench? The underlying connection between schedule and cost is that jew lawyers are limited to billing one hour at a time. In order for jew boy Attorney Reuben Midler to drain a million bucks out of Jen Dulos, he must drag out litigation for at least two years to bill 20 hours a week at $500/hr, which jew Judge Donna Heller gladly orchestrated, putting the family thru hell. Midler profited from GAL Michael Meehan’s 16 status conferences. Mouk suggests that the leadership (sic) is taking action to shorten proceedings, which will rob the jew lawyers of precious revenue … the jew controlled Bar Association will not give up their BMWs and beach houses to better serve the public. More like Mouk’s car will suffer a little jewish lightening on his commute, a chosen way of showing they care about their ill-gotten revenue. Judicial critics be damned.

Why has the leadership (sic) just recently decided that family court is fucked up? It has been the same old racketeering enterprise for the last thirty years, raping childhood, protecting pedophiles, abusing mothers, fleecing families, draining college savings, damaging kids, creating conflict for no purpose, enriching jews and their pals. What changed?

SOLOMON RETIRED!! In July ’20, King Jew Solomon, the Talmudic master of family court, the singular authority of family destruction finally left the building. Only after Satan’s brother was no longer in control, leadership (sic) finally found a voice to say that family court is fucked up and needs to be fixed, as it is an abomination of justice and an embarrassment to the sovereign people of the State. A judge war started.

The more enlightened Blog reader will recognize that Mouk exposed the jewish conspiracy of family court in the first three sentences of his decision. Read the prose:

There are those who say the Family Division of this court currently isn’t serving the public interest very well. The undersigned is one of them. Indeed, the undersigned is not alone in hoping for a better system. The leadership of Connecticut’s Judicial Branch has been giving the Family Division special attention precisely because it has openly declared that our system can better serve the public.

Judge Thomas J. Moukawsher

The now-famous Blog applauds the retarded judge for referencing no case law in his 19 pages of drivel, but cites the helicopter Door Gunner in the movie Full Metal Jacket, a homicidal, mentally unstable sociopath with few redeeming qualities; basically the same mindset as a Connecticut GAL. Mouk’s comparison exposes that a U.S. Army soldier, acting on behalf of government, indiscriminately shooting Vietnamese civilians in the name of war, is a parallel to jewish family court lawyers indiscriminately destroying childhood in the name of billable hours. The Gunner held no empathy for Vietnamese farmers, the judiciary holds no empathy for children or parents.

Mouk uses the word ‘conspiracy’ 21 times in his anxiety to disprove the jewish conspiracy of family court, but inadvertently confirms its existence. After all, the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ was coined by the CIA years ago to discredit members of the public who were on to their games. Oswald acted alone. The evidence of the conspiracy is the common themes seen in all courthouses from all the judges, marching to the same drum beat, as trained by Solomon. Families with money get fleeced, poor families are tossed out of court, or in the case of Baby Aaden, off a bridge.

The system is so well rigged to hide jewish control that family court decisions are sent by court clerks to the Office of Court Reporter of Judicial Decisions, a little jew lawyer named Eric Levine, who trashes them, ensuring they are not available to any reporting service where an interested public may collect and sort decisions by judges to expose the patterns of abuse. Even the Chief Administrative Judge Patrick Carroll is in on this little sleight-of-hand that the legislature cannot even see. Public scrutiny of jews in family court is a problem to be avoided. Jews are slick.

Mouk does not realize that the jewish AFCC organization permeates family court. In 2013, jew judges registered the CT Chapter of AFCC with the Secretary of State as a non-profit business entity. The founding board members were Judges Adelman, Wetstone, Munro, Dranginis … all jews. Officers and members were family court attorneys/gals: Barry Armata (now a judge), Sue Cousineau, Thomas Esposito, Sandra Lax, Louise Truax, Robert Zaslow, Carolyn Kaas. Court appointed psychologists: Bruce Freedman, Sidney Horowitz, Robert Horowitz, Howard Krieger, Linda Smith. Judicial Branch Employees: Phyllis Cummings-Texeira, Stephen Grant, Debra Kulak, Anthony Salius, Robert Tompkins, Kathryn Cerutti. This CT Chapter of AFCC is long defunct as a previous chapter run out of Connecticut courthouse was shut down in 1982 for running afoul of tax issues. Secretary of the State revoked the second registration and it ceased to exist. But the AFCC mafia still operates in Connecticut, a jewish club of child predators sucking the life savings out of families under the guise of law. AFCC Chapters across the country have a history of money issues, FBI raids, arrests, DOJ investigations, fraud. It is a dirty jewish organization that undermines courts and destroys children. Mouk needs evidence? Read the AFCC history here. Poor boy gonna learn the hard way about corruption.

To the reasonable detective, a jew psychologist who is paid to fabricate an improper diagnosis of the victim, then fraudulently recommends treatment by a momectomy to a jewish judge, inflicting emotional and psychological harm on children, promoted by pedo dad’s jew counsel and a jew GAL, both being paid graciously by the perp dad who relishes in demented parental behaviour, then said fraud is upheld by a jew JTR, for no state interest, in defiance of SCOTUS case law, in violation of ADA Title II, in violation of CAPTA, in defiance of state religious freedom act, for the sole advancement of financial benefit (motive) of jews is a JEWISH CONSPIRACY. What part of ‘conspiracy’ does Mouk not get? Can he comprehend ‘racketeering’?

Finally a shout out to the door gunner’s .50 cal machine gun, in keeping with Blog theme of federal free speech about bullets and heads. Maybe Connecticut just needs a door gunner to fly over to protect the public from jews of family court.

How about a child protection fly over?
Another character from Full Metal Jacket with a solution for family court.