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Michael Meehan: Con Artist

The practice of family law in Connecticut is nothing more than a con game under the supervision of a judge. Litigants with money get fleeced. Fotis Dulos is no exception. Yesterday, in the civil trial, before Judge Noble, the sealed financial affidavit from family court was introduced into evidence. Originally filed two weeks before Jennifer ‘disappeared’ [murder], the financial affidavit shows Fotis had no income, was in debt to the tune of $5M and owed Attorney Michael Meehan over $40k for Guardian Ad Litem services in the divorce case….by order of the nefarious Judge Donna Heller.

The public is curious to know what services Meehan provided for the princely sum of $40k, which is probably only half of his bill, as Jennifer was surely billed the other half. What does a two bit bottom tier lawyer do for children that costs $80k?? Can the public identify the work product? Can the public scrutinize the contract under which Meehan provided services so ordered by Judge Heller? Standards of service? What was the hourly rate that racked up such a bill? What is Meehan’s qualifications? As the divorce matter dragged out for two years without a trial date being set, what was Meehan’s professional role? Drag it out longer?

Meehan is the father of three daughters who all live in Fairfield, in a big house at 196 Riverside Road. He claims that his approach to family law is ‘child centric’, whatever the fuck that means in legal double speak. Real issue is that Michael Meehan is a vulture, dragging out litigation to pay for his expensive house and cars, living a life beyond the limits of his feeble brain, funding it by thievery in family court. He is a shit lawyer, with a shit law degree, working in a firm out of the armpit of Bridgeport where his only law partner is his decrepit father. A scumbag lawyer who contributed to the death of Jennifer Dulos.

Read some of Meehan’s bullshit from his own website about his ‘abilities’ in family law:

Meehan works with a vast array of professionals including private investigators, mental health professionals, including marriage and family therapists, clinical and forensic psychologists, and psychiatrist, inpatient and out patient mental health and addiction programs, as well as alcohol and drug testing and monitoring professionals. Trained as civil and criminal litigator, Michael is proficient in examining expert witnesses who are commonly utilized by litigants in child custody cases. Michael has also represented expert witnesses in child custody actions. Michael is a volunteer at the Connecticut’s Regional Family Trial Docket located in Middletown, Connecticut, where assists the court in trying to settle the highest conflict child custody cases pending in Connecticut.

Wonder what Meehan’s three daughters will think of their scum dad who was representing the five, now motherless children of Jennifer? What does mommy Meehan say about the blood money billed to Jennifer by her x-hubby Meehan? Anybody in Fairfield think that Meehan provided any professional services to the Dulos children? Is Meehan a threat to all children? A danger to society? Is $80k a reasonable attorney fee for kids whose mom was murdered as a result of protracted litigation to obtain a simple no-fault divorce from an adulterous Fotis? Time to call a spade a shovel. The misconduct of Meehan in the Dulos family matter was proximate cause to the death of Jennifer. The five Dulos children have every cause to claim malpractice against Meehan.

Michael T. Meehan is nothing but a two bit con-artist with a law license. He practices family law as he says ‘it is easy money’.

Read interesting article by The Middletown Press on screwy GALs here.

Editor’s Note: Meehan is also associated with the notorious Matthew C. Couloute and did represent him in a family matter to keep the mother of his first child, Xavier out of the picture and denied proper child support. Meehan is toxic when it comes to mothers and is a danger to children. Hartford Courant reporters found that Meehan had billed over $106k to Jen and Fotis…easy money!

Scumbag two bit lecherous lawyer, failed the Dulos children.
Meehan’s five clients and their lost mother.
Meehan’s house Riverside Road, Fairfield, funded by family court plunder at expense of children.
Attorney Michael Meehan, GAL for five motherless children going to court 26 June, still billing a dead mother for ‘services’.