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Oi vey! Connecticut family court must be bad if a jewish rabbi is complaining about the jewish form of divorce for the goy. Blog famous Rabbi Jon Jay Tilsen of New Haven has taken to the opinion section of the New Haven Register to whine about the jewdicial scam of ‘no fault’ divorce. He is such a jerk that he fails to recognize that the convenient destruction of the sacrament of marriage is purely a jewish invention to obliterate the family underpinnings of a Christian society. He complains of the present day family court, but fails to recognize that it is singularly a jewish construct, purposely designed to inflict maximum pain and suffering on children, while enriching a lecherous cadre of jewish lawyers for financial gain. Let’s dissect Rabbi Tilsen’s pathetic whining about the State jewdiciary.

Tilsen starts his rant against the jewdiciary claiming that Connecticut family court is a disaster area. The rabbi states the obvious that a jewdicial system designed and controlled by King Solomon to bring forth chosen wrath upon a Christian society is a disaster. Tilsen compares the jew game of divorce court to the DMV, which is quite unfair. The DMV has a set fee schedule and will not take the equity in your house nor kids college savings to issue license plates. Tilsen remarks that ‘simple’ cases can take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tilsen can’t recognize that the money is the sole purpose of the jewish divorce court. The only source of revenue for lawyers and judges is familial assets. The vast cadre of jewish parasites feeding off of divorce court requires huge amounts of cash. There are no ‘simple’ cases; only families with money and families without money. Money determines the length of the complex divorce case. It is the sole driver of protracted litigation, just ask Jen Dulos, Nancy Tauck, Lorna Wendt, and Alexa Bergstein. No money, no court time, nobody cares. Just ask Baby Aaden and jew Judge Barry Pinkus.

The pedo rabbi correctly notes that most judges are incompetent, as family court is the judicial trash heap where morons in black robes are dumped. Even traffic court has better jurists. The brainless rabbi opines that the ‘divorce code’ is based on Church doctrine from colonial times. WTF? The rabbinical retard does not realize that ‘no fault’ divorce is a jewish invention, first brought upon this Earth by the jews of the feigned Russian Revolution in 1917, later enacted in California by jewish efforts in 1969. The family court of Connecticut is designed and operated by jews for the sole financial benefit of jews of the Bar. It is a jewish delicacy to profit from the pain and suffering of children, wherein the Connecticut jewdiciary excels to the joy of jew wallets.

The insane rabbinical opinion concludes fault to the legislature and claims that ‘nobody’ wants to talk about the jewdicial abuse of family court. Reality is simply that the jews control the legislature, that family court is easy money for the worst lawyers and judges in the universe and the jews will protect their golden goose to advance the Talmudic agenda of destroying a Christian society. Poor dumb Rabbi Tilsen, cannot see the damage done by tenets of his own faith.

Tilsen was the rabbi at Beth El Keser Israel Congregation on Harrison Street in New Haven for 27 years, where his duped followers were victims of his cognitive dissonance.

Retarded Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen publicly complains about the jewish conduct of Connecticut Family Courts, their love for money and love for bringing harm to children. Dumb fucking jew.