Ruling Revisted

The now-famous Blog has cause to call out errors in jewdicial rulings of family court, not that there is error of law, but failure of humanity. Everyone knows there is no law in family court, just the illusion of law. A jewish interest in trafficking goy kids for shekels. The legal beagles on Blog staff have chosen the nutty ruling by Judge Thomas J. Moukawsher in the disqualification proceeding of jew Judge Adelman for revision, in the light of Christian principles and absolute truth, rather than on citations of a psycho Army helicopter door gunner in a twisted movie about a pointless war in Vietnam, which ended nearly a half-century ago, having no bearing on the isolation of the Ambrose kids.

The revised ruling of Moukawsher is provided here. The original p.o.s. here. The comparison reveals that Moukawsher is under the control of the jews, that he has been instructed to attack anyone who speaks ill of the jews or the jewish design of family court. His original opinion is simply viewpoint discrimination promoted by jews who don’t like the fact that they are subject to public criticism under the expression clause of the First Amendment. Moukawsher rants that it is somehow criminal conduct to plead in court that Six Million were not gassed in Auschwitz? That it is a mere conspiracy to defraud the public. That Israel is a despicable country, singularly protected by jews in America, with goy public funds, that ‘we the people’ have no cause to support such an alien form of government in the lands of Palestinians. That white folk from Eastern Europe who study the Torah are no more entitled to singular control of Palestinian lands than Mongolians, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese or Eskimos. Moukawsher wants the world to believe that there is no jewish conspiracy devoted to their great money god operating in Connecticut Family Court, but he cannot explain why a jewish GAL needs $200,000 of family money for the State to issue an administrative no-fault divorce in the Ambrose case or why two jewish judges, sworn to uphold a constitution, need to keep three kids isolated from their mother for over 600 days, no hugs, no birthdays, no holidays, no Christmas. The involvement of two jewish attorneys and a jewish psychologist does give the reasonable Christian man cause to have Zyklon B at the ready.

Blog profile staff find that Moukawsher’s 19 pages of viewpoint discrimination is indicative of coercion, even threats against him. No judicial authority would ever write such drivel, like he is sending a message that he and his family have been threatened by jews to issue such an abominable opinion. If the brakes on his car suddenly fail or he has a stroke, don’t look for evidence, it won’t be there, Mossad is averse to leaving trails. Criticism of the jews of family court can be deadly.

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis ! The Romans teach what to do with tyrants.
Navy blue striped pajamas can’t be sold at Nordstroms because a nutjob jew thinks six million of her cousins were exterminated while wearing such fashions. A jewish conspiracy of the holohoax to shame the goy for what they wear to bed. Moukawsher needs a wake up call.