Dr. Stephen Baskerville

For those enlightened readers, the chewy text of Dr. Stephen Baskerville’s paper on the deep state agenda of family court may be of interest. His writing titled “Politics of Family Dissolution” is a bit of a misnomer, as it is not American politics that seeks to destroy parent-child relationships, it is the Zionistic agenda of jews, parasites and court clingons who profit from human pain and suffering created by a non-Christian entity within the family court system.

Baskerville unwittingly serves as Satan’s hand, using his academic position and philosophical title to confuse a jewish operation with ‘politics’ of the American people. He is not stupid, but he is blind to the fact that ‘no fault’ divorce is a jewish invention to wreak havoc in a Christian society, that marriage holds a purpose to societal well being and that the jews have a vested interest in undermining such elements with inhumane conduct shrouded in the best interests of the child.

Have a read of Steve’s propaganda here. After every paragraph remind yourself that he is writing of a purely jewish agenda promoted by Satan himself. Catch up with the good doctor on facebook.

If the family court is isolating you from your child, it is not AMERICAN politics, it is JEWS taking out their revenge on the gentiles. Calves of the goyim to be isolated and butchered in support of the jewish agenda. Dr. Baskerville would be enlightened to properly study the evolution of no fault divorce and the attack on families of western societies by the jews. Not Christian, not American and certainly not politics. It is a religious war and Baskerville is playing for the evil side. If it harms American children and people profit from it, it is simply not American, it is jewish.

Dr. Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D. confuses American politics with Zionist agenda.