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Where is Holly Wetstone Now?

Judge Holly Abery-Wetstone an absolute tyrant of the Connecticut Family Court has been notably absent from the divorce game ever since Judge Bright expelled her sorry ass from the Rockville courthouse.

Our beloved judicial nut did ‘punish’ a mother by taking away her kids, sole custody to dad.  She also threatened sanctions of loss of visitation time as court punishment against the mother.  She is one nasty bitch in a black robe.

But thank god for transcripts and public review of court tyranny.  Once Holly Monster’s acts were brought to the attention of Judge Bright, he promptly kicked her out of the courthouse.  She was banished to juvey in New Britain where she has not been allowed to touch a family matter since 12/13.  An appropriate fall for the psycho bitch on wheels.  Once the head of family court, evil twin sister to Judge Lynda Munro and dyke Elizabeth Bozzuto and devoted disciple to the jew Solomon.  An over ambitious wannabe jurist with no brains and a worthless law degree from Western NoWhere College of Law.  Her parents got her the judgeship but her mentally defective narcissistic persona hung herself in violation of the Constitution.  Once a champion of court vendors, master of GAL kickback scheme, plunderer of family savings accounts, now a fallen angel.

She never learned that civilized non jewish societies do not punish mothers in equitable matters by taking the kids away.  Such is a simple violation of the Eighth Amendment about cruel & unusual punishment.  To use it in a sentence, we christian Americans do not punish mothers using their own children.   Holly is neither christian nor American.  Her loyalty is to the Talmud and her zionistic masters.

So Holly has been gone from the Family Bench for several years.  She will never be heard from again.  God was so distraught by her efforts of child trafficking he blessed the heathen with cancer in her breast.  May she die a slow agonizing death for leading such a wretched regrettable life.

A legal career of misconduct, child trafficking, corruption all capped off by an Eighth Amendment violation by the guttural vile family court vindictiveness against mothers.  Congrats Holly, your life was not worth living.  Your parents are disgraced, your children are embarrassed, the public is shocked.  May you die soon.  America holds no place for you.  Your pedo masters discard you.

Holly Wetstone…justice for $$$