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AFCC – The Anti Christ

Time to explain the structure of Family Court in America.  First off, it is not a court created by the federal Constitution.  State courts are of criminal and civil distinction.  The concept of a separate ‘family’ court was put forth by the AFCC long ago.  The AFCC is a jewish operation designed to attack the fundamental building block of Christian society….the family.  Western civilization has been built upon Christian values which embody the teachings of the Catholic Church and its spin-off protestants, episcopal, Anglican, Lutheran, etc.  The whole purpose of the Fourth Commandment to honor thy mother and father is to uphold the family as the bedrock of society.

But not if you are jewish.  The jews are the antithesis of Christianity.  The anti-christ will appear from a jew.  Voltaire even warned that the jew will destroy humanity.  That is the goal of the jewish creation of the AFCC, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.  What article of the Constitution requires that state courts make ‘association’??  Why do state courts use federal money to act in ‘association’ with each other?  The answer is simple, it is a jewish racket.

The AFCC is the work of jews which created the ‘no fault’ divorce concept.  There is nothing in christian teaching which eliminates the sacrament of marriage based on nobody’s fault.  The jews took aim at the marriage sacrament and destroyed it through the political process.  Yes, the people who started AFCC in Los Angeles were all jews, attorneys and judges.  The power of jewish money produced the first no fault divorce law, signed by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1969, just six years after AFCC creation.

The jews first enacted no fault divorce in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  The jews hated Russia as it was a devout christian society.  All the Czars viewed the Jews as a ‘problem’, even as far back as 960, when Sviatoslav I, Prince of Kyiv Rus destroyed the Khazarian empire.  It was a military solution to the chosen ones.  Catherine the Great had no need for jews.  Czar Alexander II was assassinated by jews in 1881, his son and successor Alexander III immediately expelled over twenty thousand jews from Moscow…..they ended up in New York; creating the American Jewish Problem.  Czar Nicholas II, a devout Orthodox Christian was the target of rich Wall Street jews who financed his downfall and the destruction of a Christian society.  Jews ordered the killing of the entire Romanov family, then the jewish assassins raped the corpses of the royal goy.  The jewish takeover of Russia brought the Zionistic agenda to the civil law of Russia and the rabbinical overlords upended christian values by installing ‘no fault’ divorce as law for the goy, not for the jews, as the chosen ones are not divorced in civil courts but in rabbinical courts….it is called a ‘get’.  The jews went on to destroy thousands of christian churches across Russia where marriage ceremonies took place. The jews have been a menace to western Christians for over a millennia.  They have been expelled from eighty five countries in the past twelve hundred years by order of Christian rulers.  They are truly a pain in the ass.

So, jewish activity creates AFCC, installs ‘no fault’ divorce against the teachings of the Catholic Church, takes over family court, replaces the rule of law with judicial discretion and creates a $50 billion a year industry in trafficking child flesh for profit.  When you get confused on how some lawyers and judges just rape your family, steal all your money and leave parents and children emotionally destroyed, just thank the Jews; such is the Talmud agenda for you and your four-legged family.  You are animals to the chosen ones, your society, religion, culture and moral values will be ignored in pursuit of the goal of Zionism.

In every state, there will be a powerful jew in the judiciary, wielding ultimate power to shape the family court to the needs of the jewish masters.  Children will be trafficked, children will be raped, pedophiles protected, money stolen, critics will be hunted and jailed, governors will be held hostage, legislators will be muzzled, people will be herded, the Constitution burned.  The jews run family court across the nation.

Time for a revolution?  Or just a good old christian crusade to root out the unholy?  Jihad?


Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler

Judge Richard Blair Meyer

Judge Annie Dranginis child trafficker 

Evil Cunt Lynda Munro

President of AFCC, Jewish Mafia tool.  Attorney Annette T. Burns

Evil Jew Dark Lord of Family Court Judge Adelman