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Bench Book

What is copyrighted, but can’t be read?  What is cataloged by the Library of Congress but can’t be found?  What is open and transparent but can’t be seen?  What is so secret about the Connecticut Family Court Bench Book?

A government of the people, by the people and for the people, founded on principles of democracy, freedom, rule of law…..and other bullshit, is just a joke when it comes to the jews running the Family Court.  Chosen deviants do not allow the gentiles to gaze upon their secret rule book for herding the goyim and their four legged calves.  The bench book used in a public forum for the public administration of law is not subject to public scrutiny by the unchosen… decree of the jewdicial department.

Attorney Martin Libbin and Attorney Dierdre McPadden conspire to keep this administrative document hidden from public view in true Orwellian style.  The Office of Court Administration will make public statements that McPadden oversees the secret book as part of her state duties as Director of Judge Support Services.  Judges need support of unscrupulous governmental subversives to undermine the First Amendment.  Is McPadden a jew too?  Give her a call and ask for your own copy of the Talmud Bench Book of Connecticut;  860 706 5140.

In reality, the bench book is the creation of our favorite Talmud disciple Judge Elliott N. Solomon.  A jew’s jew who knows no oath but to Zionism.  Fuck the Constitution, fuck patriotism, this monster wipes his ass with the Constitution and pisses on the graves of all who died for it.  Child trafficking is his game.  The people will be herded per the teachings of the Talmud, scripted in the bench book, hidden from the public by the chosen ones.

So un-American.  So Connecticut.  So jewish.  So Elliott.

Jew King Elliott Solomon Talmud Ruler