Time for the famous blog to pull back the curtain on the tragedy that has taken the parents of Petros, Theodore, Christiane, Constantine and Cleopatra Noelle. Five perfect gifts from God who are the remaining survivors of the devil’s hand wielded from the bench of the anti-christ herself, Judge Donna Heller of Connecticut’s gruesome family court.

In June of 2017, Jen filed with the State for a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce from her adulterous husband Fotis. Unfortunately, she was a resident of Connecticut and the family court quickly realized there was lots of money to be made from her family and their five kids. There was nothing of substance to the divorce. Dad had no money, mom kept the family housed, clothed and fed; dad wasted millions pretending he was a property developer while banging the Argentinian ho’ in the marital home. Fotis did not contest the divorce. Only outcome the court could order was dissolve the marriage, kids live with mom, visitation to dad who pays alimony and child support, game over in a week or two. But this is Connecticut and the thieves of family court will fleece any wallet joined in suit, even if it kills the parents.

The post-mortem stats reveal the greed of the the family court and the racketeering game orchestrated by an unscrupulous state judge. What should have taken a couple of weeks ran for 705 days, from Jen’s filing to her murder. During this period the court never issued a scheduling order and never set a trial date, not even a ‘special masters’ session. It was a ‘sting’ and Jen was the mark. The complaint should have been answered by a simple separation agreement drawn up by the parties’ lawyers, but Attorney Reuben Midler was not going to get a million bucks out of Jen by providing professional legal services for what was a simple administrative act. In the end, Midler took $1.6M from Jen, left her dead and her children orphans. What Jews will do for money!

The case detail stands in testimony to the destruction of the family. It holds 446 entries, across 956 days. The lawyers filed 234 motions, the court issued 117 orders by five different judges. Three psychologists were involved. The guardian ad litem for the children filed 16 requests for ‘status’ conferences. Even after Jen was murdered, the case dragged on for another 252 days, 13 motions and 17 court orders. The last entry filed on Friday is dad’s death notice. The court ordered the parents to pay GAL Michael Meehan over $175k for protecting the kids. As Judge Heller issued 87 of the court’s orders, it is likely that she pocketed a fair kickback for enabling the attorney free-for-all of family fleecing; the State held no interest in such protracted litigation, nor did the statutes allow for it. There was only financial motive for Heller to keep the litigation going, forcing Jen to remain married, denying her a divorce to drain her bank account, ultimately leading to her murder. Note that Attorney Midler, Judge Heller and Dr. Herman, the court appointed psychologist are jews. Remember jew Judge Elliot Solomon trained all the family court judges in Connecticut. More money changes hands in family court than any other court in the State. It is a jew’s game.

There is little left to say. The family court is the proximate cause of the demise of these parents. The tragic consequence of two years of legal torture, abuse, mental aggravation and robbery for what purpose? Dissolution of marriage is a ten minute affair under today’s secular law. The state holds no interest. Connecticut does not care if you are married or not, nor if you have kids. The persistent jewish corruption of a modern society for the sole benefit of the chosen at the expense of the goyim has victimized the Dulos kids. The clowns of the state judiciary committee have no place to hide. Judge Heller will soon appear for her re-appointment hearing, where the puppets of the committee will squirm in their seats facing the reality of the jewish tragedy of family court. The legislature is barred by human decency against putting Heller back on the bench.

In the meantime, one can only hope that karma quickly finds Heller, Midler, Herman, Meehan and Solomon. Society has a way of cleansing itself, natural law prevails.

The five remaining survivors of Dulos v Dulos divorce matter.

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