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Rough Equivalent

The now-famous Blog’s expression experts expound upon the federal court’s interpretation of a ‘.50 cal to the head‘ as opined by Justice Breyer of D. Northern California, relying on Ninth Circuit precedent. As always, the juris prudence of Connecticut is at odds with the First Amendment and federal case law. Blog gives a shout out to Judge David Gold who infamously defeated 1A in Footnote 18 of his decision of felony conviction for an email that the dyke on the byke Bozzuto never received. FN18 claims that a ‘rough equivalent’ is the State’s standard for a true threat, proving that Gulag Connecticut does not recognize the Bill of Rights.

The Big Dumb Nigger in the black robe who masquerades as the Chief Justice of the Gulag, upheld jew Judge Gold’s interpretation of roughness in application to expressions worthy of jewdicial retaliation, felony conviction, and incarceration. Blog staff 1A advocates note the bizarre differences between Connecticut and the rest of the country. See the stark contrast between Kansas and Connecticut in post Unequal Speech. Note the absurdity of outlawing the word ‘nigger’ by the seven dwarfs of the high state bench. The common man’s mere thoughts that family court is the hand of the devil, which should be burned to the ground in the name of protecting children will instantly deploy the gulag SWAT teams, to silence and arrest those who have had too much to think. Expressions of an oppressed people about the conundrum of a government of the people, for the people and by the people, whose children are raped before the bench become criminal in the eyes of their overlords, forcing redress to the crack of a rifle under the Second Amendment.

The Connecticut Judiciary knowingly marches to the drum beat of tyranny, raping childhood, and bleeding family savings; begging the people’s redress in belt-fed ammo.

So here is a depiction of the free protected expression of ‘.50 cal to the head’. Pretty much hyperbole, as it is not ‘to the head’, but ‘thru the head’, where there is really no head left. The raw truth to the purpose of the Second Amendment is for a free people to defend against tyranny. Judge Gold and Chief Justice Robinson merely incite imminent lawless action.

Judge Gold’s interpretation of a ‘rough equivalent’ of a true threat, worthy of felony conviction.