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Judge Elliot Solomon

Best Interest Fallacy

The best interests standard of talmudic law in family court is a fallacy created by jews to traffic children and loot family savings. What is best interest? Who decides the interest? How has this word-salad created the standard of family law that the world recognizes is totally jewish? Because it is totally jewish. The protection of infants came under the power of the King, who… Read More »Best Interest Fallacy


The now-famous Blog continues to highlight the evil Talmudic subversion of the rule of law in family matters in the Connecticut yeshiva where unbridled discretion wielded by malicious jurists advances a communist agenda to destroy the concept of family, replacing Christian beliefs with the anti-Christ’s wrath of jewish best interests to slaughter childhood. The Connecticut state supreme court is little more than a pedo/fag/deviant/nigger/retard club… Read More »Rare


The jewish word salad of Connecticut barristers betrays the feeble legal arguments played upon the goy in the name of trafficking children. The panic over the lack of immunity found by Judge Susan Cobb in the civil suit against Dr. Linda Smith, PhD catches the attention of blog legal and editorial seniors. Attorney Cara Joyce pleads that the undefined personal opinions of jewish psychologists in… Read More »Crucial


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals rules anti-semitic speech is constitutionally protected. Today’s ruling in Gerber v. Herskovitz recognized the free expression in a public place to criticize jewish deviancy. Welcome to ‘murika, the goy hold a protected right to hate da jews and the jews have no claim for relief in federal court. Hate the politics of jews, hate the political power of jews, hate… Read More »Newsflash

Bang, bang …

Bang! Bang! Another sad story of a mother wanting out of a marriage, entangled with the drawn out family court process, ends up with a bullet instead of a decree. Oi vey, what the jews of family court will do to make a few scheckles from suffering goy. Divya Misra, a 55 year old mother from India, living in Norwalk, filed for divorce from her… Read More »Bang, bang …

The Horsemen of Evil

Things happen for a reason in this world. Good things occur because of good intentions and dedication of good people expending good efforts. Bad things happen because of ‘evil doers’. The now famous blog exposes the evil men who drive the evil family court of Connecticut: Solomon, Adelman, Albis, Bright and Robinson, five sons of Satan who traffic and abuse children, rob families, destroy parent-child… Read More »The Horsemen of Evil

Racist Family Court

Wokey! Wokey! Time to woke-up and identify the racist operation of Connecticut’s Family Court. Everything about it is WHITE! A cesspool of white supremacy defined by white supremacist judges to rule over white people in the image of being white, as long as the white litigants have kids and money! Poor folk who lack white skin need not apply. The ‘family court’ came on the… Read More »Racist Family Court

The GAL Muzzle

There is a strange repetitive order in Connecticut family courts which prohibits fit parents from caring for their children absent approval by the Guardian Ad Litem. The order comes down from the bench sua sponte prohibiting the parents from contacting the police or child protective services or any mandated reporter such as a pediatrician without first addressing the matter to the GAL. Sound strange? It… Read More »The GAL Muzzle


The showdown is here! The gauntlet has been thrown! The Jews of the Connecticut Judiciary have been targeted! The will of the people faces off against rabbinical opinion! The whim of morons in black robes versus accountability of We The People! Chief Justice Robinson is shaking! Patrick Carroll is trembling! Elliot Solomon is shitting bricks! The will of the people is bringing the hammer down… Read More »Showdown!

Mohammad’s Children

Christian societies who insult Islam tend to lose their heads, attract gunfire, have churches burned, and other unfortunate occurrences. Such are the consequences of culture clash and differing beliefs. We Americans can make fun of any religious people, other than the Jews, they are our masters and cannot be criticized. Draw a cartoon of Mohammad, but don’t dare deny that Hitler’s Holohoax exterminated six-million chosen… Read More »Mohammad’s Children