Racist Family Court

Wokey! Wokey! Time to woke-up and identify the racist operation of Connecticut’s Family Court. Everything about it is WHITE! A cesspool of white supremacy defined by white supremacist judges to rule over white people in the image of being white, as long as the white litigants have kids and money! Poor folk who lack white skin need not apply.

The ‘family court’ came on the national scene back in the ’60s, where the jewish overlords of the goy structured a system to break up families and damage the kids to benefit white lawyers. All was done to the standards of WHITENESS. Families had a mother and father, some kids, a pet, a house, some savings, employment, and psychological ‘issues’ … all elements of whiteness. The standards of familial behavior are also white: kids went to school, mom was a homemaker, dad the breadwinner, the kids weren’t pregnant, no one was dealing crack, the house had not been raided by police dogs, sniffing for drugs. It was all based on whiteness.

Take a look at the Connecticut Family Court, it is under lily white leadership of Judge Michael Albis, under the theological control of white Elliot Solomon. Not one nigger judge anywhere in family court. Not one nigger lawyer in family court. Not even a nigger in the clerk’s office. It is white as a snowstorm. The curious judicial ‘family relations officers’ are all white, trained by blinding whiteness in what is best for kids in white families. The whiteness addresses parent-child relations, which just discriminates against the mothers who can’t identify the dad without a DNA test.

The most glaring whiteness example is the judicial selection of guardian ad litems for the white kids with money. All the Connecticut guardians are WHITE. The whiteness of the family Bar can only represent the best interest of the children to the WHITE judicial authority who will use WHITE judicial discretion to make orders for the ‘family’ based on training focused on the WHITE concept of family. Such a discriminatory scheme can only be administered by the big black man in the black robe on strings to his jewish masters on how WHITENESS will be the law.

Even better example of the pervasive WHITENESS is the source of the evidence and evaluations upon which the WHITE court relies, the white scam of psychology whose fake doctor types, trained in the jewish art form of the Frankfurt School provide the foundation upon which the WHITE judges make their informed decisions. Every court approved ‘expert’ is WHITE, not a tanned one among them. Get the feeling that family court is simply WHITE? Racist game of family court built on a house of white cards, systemic racism, white supremacy, white discrimination, white opinions, white superiority, all boils down to the facade of rule of law resting solely on white discretion of whiteness.

Connecticut Family Court is a WHITE cesspool of racist bigotry designed to profit only white players at the expense of children. RACIST!!!

Whiteness of family court …. not a nigger judge in the mix.
Jew or White?