Bang, bang …

Bang! Bang! Another sad story of a mother wanting out of a marriage, entangled with the drawn out family court process, ends up with a bullet instead of a decree. Oi vey, what the jews of family court will do to make a few scheckles from suffering goy. Divya Misra, a 55 year old mother from India, living in Norwalk, filed for divorce from her 56 year old husband Rajneesh in October of last year. Applying for the simple, administrative, ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut can be costly, even deadly!!! News story here.

Mother Divya was represented by the low life lawyer Neal Rogan out of Westport. Dad Rajneesh had the obese Amy Calvo MacNamara, out of Greenwich. The combined inabilities of these two attorneys, foot dragging litigation, thievery, and focus on fees, let the mother’s desire to be out of the marriage languish, resulting in her assassination by dad, followed by dad’s suicide. Oh, the drama!!!

Note that Amy Calvo MacNamara, Esq. is the Chair of the Statewide Bar Section for Family Court, she is an ‘expert’ in family law, she lectures on family law, she has extensive experience in mental health issues, she has been intensively trained at the prestigious Family Law Trial Advocacy Institute … whatever the fuck that is. She is just another charlatan who makes money by creating difficulty in obtaining a simple, administrative, ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. In the end, she did nothing more than represent a mental nut job with a gun who disposed of the divorce suit out of court … bang, bang.

The next legal action is that the lawyers will be suing the estate of the dead parents for collection of unpaid legal fees for the divorce that was never obtained. Lawyers are scum.

The now famous blog questions why it takes so long to obtain a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce in Connecticut. Why the state constructed scam to require unnecessary delay, frivolous court proceedings, and ridiculous legal fees? The State does not care if you are married or not, so why can’t mothers simply fill out the ‘no-fault’ divorce application, present it to a State agency, get it stamped, and be divorced? Oh wait, it is the judges and the lawyers who have crafted the kafkaesque maze of court filings, hearings, legal argle bargle, psyche evals, etc. It is designed by the jews, to profit jews, while holding the ‘no-fault’ divorce as bait to the unsuspecting goy. The construct goes back to Judge Treat Clark Hull who wrote an appellate decision in 1984 which established that a divorce decree to be a complex ‘carefully crafted mosaic’. A stroke of the pen made the simple, administrative, no-fault, dissolution of marriage a monstrosity of excessive legal expense. Did you note the sleight of hand? Judge Hull made the no-fault dissolution action contingent on every other aspect of the joint estate. The marriage cannot be dissolved until the division of family pets and the precise schedule for the kids summer camp is resolved. WHAT? There is no legal basis for this! The marriage can be dissolved instantly, chopping up the assets can be done post-marriage. See how cleverly the jews of Connecticut play the goy? No money can be made on state issuance of the simple, administrative, no-fault divorce; so the division of the estate is the play along with an artificial custody fight, during which the parents are forced to remain married to each other with no state interest. Just jew lawyer fee interest.

But wait, Judge Hull is not done. He ascends to the Supreme Court bench, where in 1989, he decides another case, where he states again that: “The rendering of a judgment in a complicated dissolution case is a carefully crafted mosaic, each element of which may be dependent on the other.” The guy just quoted himself to reaffirm that no mother is going to get out of a marriage until the court drags her thru hell to ‘carefully craft a mosaic’ before she can be free. Are you seeing the foundation of the divorce scam in Connecticut? Mothers are held hostage to the court whim of crafting bullshit, before letting them out of a marriage.

From the bowels of legal technicalities, it is known that the existence of an ‘estate’ of two people does not turn on marriage. Two unmarried persons can have children and an estate. Two married persons can have kids and estate, but dissolution of the marriage does not turn on crafting a mosaic of dividing the estate. See how tricky the jewdicial element of Connecticut divorce law becomes when the jews figure out that artificially linking the administrative act of dissolution to the Kafkaesque scam of crafting a mosaic of judgment generates huge fees!! It is all about money! Jewish money!!

Note that this little kafkaesque morsel of jewish mosaic trickery being a condition of the no-fault divorce has been cited over a 200 times in high court rulings since its creation by Hull in 1984. Jews know that repeating a lie has a positive effect on the feeble minded. Goy are not allowed to question their jew masters in black robes!!!

Now take a look at the big nigger in the black robe who parades along Capitol Avenue, upholding the jewish scam of divorce in his so called ‘family court’. The nigger is running a racketeering operation, devoid of equal protection, devoid of due process, a discriminatory scam to bilk married folk out of big bucks to obtain an administrative no-fault divorce. There is simply no legal cause to link dissolution of a marriage to dividing a joint estate, other than to provide ill-gotten legal fees to some of the absolutely bottom of the barrel attorneys in the state. Doting judges ensure their Bar buddies have revenue to provide judicial tips.

Mr. & Mrs. Misra are dead, blood and brains splattered all over the kitchen, all for want of a simple, administrative, no-fault divorce, which the jewdiciary has morphed into a protracted, litigious, expensive ‘carefully crafted mosaic’.

Jews are nasty.

All mom needed to stay alive was a quick, simple, administrative, no-fault, dissolution of her marriage to escape her husband, while waiting for the ‘carefully crafted mosaic’ her brains were splattered over the kitchen wall.
Judge T. Clark Hull, crafts a Kafkaesque mosaic so carefully as to deny mothers simple escape from abusive marriage. So jewish.