Mohammad’s Children

Christian societies who insult Islam tend to lose their heads, attract gunfire, have churches burned, and other unfortunate occurrences. Such are the consequences of culture clash and differing beliefs. We Americans can make fun of any religious people, other than the Jews, they are our masters and cannot be criticized. Draw a cartoon of Mohammad, but don’t dare deny that Hitler’s Holohoax exterminated six-million chosen ones. See how the game is played?

Take a hard look at the American ‘Family Court’ system. A division of the state judiciary focused on terminating religious marriages and dividing up kids, while looting family savings. There is a belief system behind this secular charade of law. It is not Christian, nor is it Islamic, not even Mormon nor Hindu. Certainly not Rastafarian. The state belief system in family court is simply jewish. No benevolent religion in the world applies its authority to use children as weapons of litigation. A Muslim might chop off your head for drawing a cartoon of the Prophet, but such a true believer would never engage the Prophet’s children as a weapon against parents. Only jews operating under the authority of a state court hold the belief that the goy are four-legged animals, their children calves and the family savings just loot for jewish enrichment, legally defined as ‘judicial discretion’ … a righteous cause for decapitation!

A true believer might recognize the Connecticut Family Court as a jewish attack on the teachings of the Quran, as no surah provides for jewdicial discretion to invade the sacred parent-child relationship. The belief that children are gifts from God applies to all religions, except the jews. The Connecticut jew sees goy children as easy money makers and elements to unleash discord and hatred in the host society, giving Mohammad’s nutmeg followers cause to decapitate the King, Judge Elliot Solomon. A severed head, leaving a bloody trail, bouncing down the courthouse steps validates the Prophet’s teachings in cause for annihilation of jews who dare to malign the Prophet, as written in the Quran. The savings of salary being a benefit to the taxpayer.

The burning of courthouses by devout followers, a religious army under the protection of the Angel Gabriel, cleansing the land of the evil ones in black, seeking out and destroying demonic attorneys, immune GALs, quack therapists, and state-sponsored ‘family relations’ officers, the devil’s hand be severed, the blasphemy of the Prophet extinguished, his children protected. It is only jew state employees chanting the verses of the general statutes who could so deny the sanctity of Mother Mary and her son. Unlike the Quran, the Connecticut General Statutes and the jewdicial army of judges serve only evil, undermining beliefs in family, destroying sanctity of familial bonds. Evil begs its own destruction.

As Islam upholds the teachings of the Prophet to strike down those who oppose true belief; the Connecticut family court judges beg their own destruction. The believers may be violent in their actions, but their reward is not of this Earth. Those who torture children shall be punished in this life and the next. The blasphemous authority of statutes falls to the righteous sword of His followers. The separation of head from shoulders, the impact of the blade of a state snow plow, the low sounding grind of a wood chipper, the retort of a rifle letting fly .308 ball ammunition, a torch to the stake, a stake thru the heart; righteousness will triumph over evil … it is His law.

Calling out the state sponsored terrorism against children may be a new ‘wokeness’, but it is just the aged battle of good vs evil, where the evil, hiding in the light, its sponsors identified, its destruction requisite, brings down His wrath to purify the land.

Islam teaches that children are special blessings to whom the parents hold a special duty to their childhood, a concept completely absent from jewdicial discretion of family court. Upon judgement day, God will question parents as to their treatment of his blessed children. On the same day, God will bring down his wrath upon those jews who sat upon the bench, blaspheming him, torturing his children, eternal damnation awaiting those in blacked robes.

Of course true believers can lighten God’s work by inflicting religious wrath upon the evil doers of the jewdiciary, while they walk the earth. Protection of children will be rewarded in Heaven. No tears shall be shed when the sword of righteousness befalls the child traffickers. A raft of headless black robed bodies floating down the Connecticut River is His will. Inshallah!

Protect the children!

Roll a head or two down the courthouse steps, as the Prophet commands.
King of the Jews of Family Court, Elliot N. Solomon, the anti-christ of Corrupticut.
Winter is coming, as is His wrath
Evil in black goes in feet first!!
God’s will.