Whack a Judge!

It is that time of year again in Connecticut! Time to play ‘whack a judge’! The legislature is back in session and the judiciary committee has the undesirable task of holding reappointment hearings for some of the worst jurists in the nation.

The hit parade starts on Monday. The line up contains an impressive group of arguably the worst of the worst. The blog famous Judge Donna Heller, fresh off the dismissal of the Dulos divorce case will be asked why she denied Jen a simple, quick, no-fault divorce from psycho adulterous hubby Fotis. Needless to say the protracted and expensive two years of proceedings dragged out by Heller was the proximate cause of Jennifer’s murder. The committee will have a tough time putting Heller back on the bench, lest another dead mom at the hands of the family court.

Next judge to whack is the blog star of Waterbury family court, the evil Judge Anna Ficeto. This foot soldier of Satan darkens the sun where she walks. A Catholic by description, she is a demonic child trafficker, destroying families and enriching her lawyer pals along with her own pocket. If the committee does not take her out, fire and brimstone from above will follow. God is sick of what this bitch does to children.

The saddest guest on Monday is the ever retarded dumb nigger Judge Sybil Richards. Only reason she is on the bench is because she was a Malloy pal in Stamford. She could not find her way to a courthouse, never practiced law and ended up as a judge. She became blog famous for fucking up a simple child support matter for the white mother of a black man’s child. Too stupid to do simple math or fill out the worksheet, this miscreant needs a swift boot off the bench for her safety and the good of society.

Then we have our favorite judicial misfit, Judge Patrick Carroll, the Chief Court Administrator who handles all the money of the judicial branch. The seat of power of the most corrupt court system in the land. Remember he became blog famous for his ‘political’ efforts to save his sister Jane Emons from being booted ‘by the people’ back in 2018. Patrick knows better than the peasants who should wear black … rest of you are just stupid and will be told what to think!

The hearings will be the usual sham. A bunch of lawyers who are beholden to the ‘judge club’ for their livelihood control the committee. Twenty-one of the forty seats are filled with members of the Bar, meaning the committee is owned by the judge club. Don’t look for checks and balances or due process, these judicial minions already have their marching orders and know full well the consequences for non-compliance.

Of note there are twelve women on the committee. Judge Heller denied Jennifer Dulos a simple, quick, no-fault divorce from psycho adulterous Fotis. There better be twelve ‘no’ votes against Heller in committee. Otherwise these female legislators urinate on Jen’s grave … wherever that may be.

Time to cleanse the bench, ‘whack-a-judge’ or four, make life better for all, protect the children and remember Jen. Bad judges can be deadly.