Cert Granted!

The Connecticut Supreme Court has granted certiorari in mother’s criminal conviction for her four children’s fear of the father. The blog’s favorite nigger judge, Richard Robinson, has thrown the gauntlet at the feet of pedo cops, judges, and prosecutors who put mom in jail for the fact that Bob Thaner is such an ass that his own kids ran away from him in fear.

Mother Lori Thaner of Glastonbury was arrested by charge of nigger pedo cop Jermaine Nash of Norwalk PD, because pedo sloth buddy Bob Thaner terrified his four kids so badly that they refused to leave mom’s house. Glastonbury Police witnessed no evidence of a crime, but pedo Nash did the dirty deed in Norwalk and got an arrest warrant. Pedo Judge Alex V. Hernandez convicted mom for three counts of ‘custodial interference’ and sentenced her to one year in jail, three years probation, plus a $1500 fine; despite the fact that DCF had seized the kids and placed them in foster care to protect them from the abusive father. The prosecutor dropped the fourth charge as dad hated his oldest son so much, as to disown him. Judge ‘not so’ Bright upheld the conviction on appeal, as Connecticut has a way of dealing with mothers outside the law.

Will the seven dwarfs of the high court apply justice? Or will he be beaten by the child traffickers of the state for exposing the pedo powers of cops, prosecutors, and judges? Will Robinson overturn the pedo play or write some new jewdicial bullshit to uphold mother’s criminal conviction, as a warning to all moms who act to protect their children from emotional and physical harm by abusive pedo fathers? Which will it be? Place your bets, this is pedo casino royale in real life!

In a civilized society, jailing mothers for protecting their own children is generally frowned upon by gun owners. Historically, unscrupulous state actors who incite imminent lawless action usually come out on the painful end of things.

All mothers in Connecticut should be on the lookout for Assistant State’s Attorney Denise B. Smoker, as she is zealously arguing that Connecticut is legally correct in jailing mom because she did not beat her kids, tie them up, and drag them kicking and screaming back to their abusive father. Ms. Smoker is not up for mother of the year award. She might be upset that such personal jewdicial misconduct makes her house on Bayberry Lane in Branford a target of F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station, and a gun toting army of angry mothers with large capacity magazines, not to mention her house being a flammable protest site for mothers wearing Black Lives Matter tee shirts.

When criminals run the justice system, when the courts convict the innocent, when mothers cannot protect the fruit of the womb, when pedos rule, where the cops are corrupt, when the government becomes the enemy, the people being left with only the retort of a rifle and .308 ball ammunition. This is the time that blood of tyrants like Nash, Hernandez, Bright, Stoker, and Colangelo is needed to refresh the tree of liberty.

The natural manure.
Prosecutor Denise Smoker’s house, 16 Bayberry Ln Branford, great place to have a flammable BLM rally to protest against corrupt State actors who jail mothers for protecting their children from abusive pedo monsters. Shit is getting real.