The now-famous Blog continues to highlight the evil Talmudic subversion of the rule of law in family matters in the Connecticut yeshiva where unbridled discretion wielded by malicious jurists advances a communist agenda to destroy the concept of family, replacing Christian beliefs with the anti-Christ’s wrath of jewish best interests to slaughter childhood.

The Connecticut state supreme court is little more than a pedo/fag/deviant/nigger/retard club of moronic proportions. Miscreants in black robes hold singular common cause to fuck up an enlightened society. Elements of tyranny, deviancy, deceit, terrorism, and anti-Christian edicts are embedded in the poorly written decisions. In simple terms, the high court of the cesspool of deviancy is very much jewish. Sabbatai Zevi would be proud.

The destruction of childhood in family court is left to the unbridled discretion of the judge. These judges are the bottom of the barrel jurists who are prohibited from sitting in real courts, applying real law, under great public scrutiny. The family court judges are the cast-offs of the judiciary, dead end judicial careers, pointless decisions, purposeless existence in issuing administrative ‘no-fault’ divorces to dissolve marriages of people for whom no one gives a shit. The only real purpose of the family jurist is to drag out litigation for the financial benefit of lawyers who feed off of family savings, who tip the judge for playing along in the fabricated custody fight. The family court follows the rules of the Talmud in construction of the Rabbinical court to the letter. Free citizens of the republic are crushed by the unregulated, unchecked discretion of a jewish moron in a black robe, in sacrifice to their money god.

The Blog’s research department dug up a short sentence from an older supreme court decision which betrays the dark jewish hand that rapes childhood. Tossed down by a spiteful jewish excuse of a human, a self-chosen tyrant worthy of a .50 cal to the head, the goy is warned that the jewish form of family court discretion, devoid of all Christian beliefs, is ultimate, where resistance is futile and appeals pointless.

It is a rare case in which a disappointed litigant will be able to demonstrate abuse of a trial court’s broad discretion in family matters.

Jew Justice ellen ash peters 1981

A supreme edict of the Rabbinical court, a warning to the goy that jewdicial discretion controls all in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Translated: “It is a rare goy who will defeat jewish rule.” Powder dry? Second Amendment reveals its true purpose when the jews undermine a free people and rape their children. The opinion of the jewish monster Ellen Ash Peters is strikingly kosher when compared to opinions of Thomas Jefferson, who correctly states in 1820: “I think that if we do not keep an eye on the worm … it may be too late to stop the precedence that they have already set.” The jews (worms) of Connecticut are an irresponsible body, working like gravity, night and day, gaining little by little, today and tomorrow, advancing its noiseless steps like a thief, until all is lost.

In 1866, the California Supreme Court issued a warning on discretion: “The discretion intended, however, is not a capricious or arbitrary discretion, but an impartial discretion, guided and controlled in its exercise by fixed legal principles. It is not a mental discretion, to be exercised ex gratia, but a legal discretion, to be exercised in conformity with the spirit of the law, and in a manner to subserve and not to impede or defeat the ends of substantial justice. In a plain case, this discretion has no office to perform, and its exercise is limited to doubtful cases, where an impartial mind hesitates.” Bailey v. Taaffe, 29 Cal. 422, 424

In 1951, Justice William O. Douglas of the U.S. Supreme Court opines: “Absolute discretion is a ruthless master. It is more destructive of freedom than any of man’s other inventions.”  United States v. Wunderlich, 342 U.S. 98, 101 (1951).

Note the stark contrast in consideration of discretion between a Connecticut jew and the Christian jurists dating back 200 years. See what jews do to the founding principles? See how jews use familial destruction to collapse a society? It is always the jews when it comes to attacking Christianity.

The Blog notes that jew Ellen Ash Peters never had a client, never filed a motion, never once argued in court, never wrote an opinion, before sitting on the high court. In typical subversive jew fashion, she was protected and sponsored for a jew agenda. After Yale Law, she spent one year clerking in the Second Circuit, then one year as a research assistant, then 22 years teaching contract law 101 to first years at Yale, when in 1978, Grasso magically elevated her to the high bench. A jewish ascension. Wonder what Grasso got in return?

The BROAD DISCRETION is the jewish authority to give Evie and Sophie Grohs and their trust funds to the trailer trash gold digger Vicki Frenzel. It is the jewish authority for jew Jane Grossman to isolate Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from mom, it is the authority to transfer $200k of family funds to jew Jocelyn Hurwitz by jew Gerard Adelman, it is jew Holly Wetstone’s power to punish a mother by removal of her children. Denying children hugs from mother is purely jewish venom. Jewdicial discretion defeats the Eighth Amendment. Jewdicial discretion defeats equal protection. Jewdicial discretion defeats the First, Fourth, and Fifth. It is Elizabeth Bozzuto’s foundation justifying destruction of mother-child bonds in preference to a pedo father, it is the grand authority of King Jew Elliot Solomon, it is the clear and present danger of family court, begging imminent lawless action to correct. The sovereign people hold power to check the ‘broad discretion’ of the jewdiciary, not with pleadings, appeals, or petitions for cert; but with flash, smoke, and shot of the Second Amendment.

Will jew Peters live to see jewish judges flayed by the angry mob, in protection of the children, the family courthouse burned to the ground, the evil Talmudic agenda doused in kerosene, ignited by disappointed litigants unwilling to bend the knee to the discretion of the self-chosen jewish masters? A rare case indeed.

Kike Peters fled Germany in 1939, with her jewish parents when she was nine years old, she came to the greatest country on earth only to fuck up the rule of law from the high bench of Connecticut. Amazingly, the jew cunt does not belong in either country. Jews belong to no country, and follow no laws, simple historical fact.

Ellen Peters can spend her last days on earth knowing that she is a skank jew, not beholden to the ideals of America, unfit to have worn a black robe, a traitor of office, betrayer of oath, leaving a legacy of jewdicial discretion to rape childhood under the color of state dissolution law. Her final legacy is a Blog post calling her out for the evil miscreant she is, for the worthless life she lived, and being proximate cause for burning a courthouse along with the jewdicial authority contained therein. Her claim of ‘broad discretion’ is mere tyranny, worthy of destruction.

Goodbye Ellen Ash Peters. May your ashes be the end of jewdicial discretion so abhorred by Patriots.

Belt fed ammo … a rare demonstration of abuse of discretion.