St. Simon of Trento

Historical events from medieval times are relevant to today’s family court. Back in 1475 the jews created St. Simone the martyr, by ritual sacrifice of the toddler. In 2015, Connecticut Jew Barry Pinkus created Baby Aaden the martyr. In 2019 Connecticut Jew Donna Heller created Jen Dulos, the martyr. The family court of Connecticut today is no different than the the jews of Trento, Italy of 1475.

The people of Trento burned fifteen jews at the stake for the death of little Simon. Connecticut martyrs of family court are simply forgotten, just the way King Jew Solomon wants it. Perhaps it is time for the good people of Connecticut to gather some firewood.

Here is an interesting article of historical evidence of jews preying on Christian children. Jewish ritual murder lives on today in Connecticut Family Court under Solomon’s rule.

Fifteen predator jews of Connecticut family court: Solomon, Adelman, Wetstone, Heller, Emons, Aaron, Bozzuto, Ficeto, Diana, Armata, Murphy, Dembo, Midler, Bozek, Gersten, Brigham.

Baby Aaden, martyr by family court
Jen Dulos, martyr by family court.