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The Horsemen of Evil

Things happen for a reason in this world. Good things occur because of good intentions and dedication of good people expending good efforts. Bad things happen because of ‘evil doers’. The now famous blog exposes the evil men who drive the evil family court of Connecticut: Solomon, Adelman, Albis, Bright and Robinson, five sons of Satan who traffic and abuse children, rob families, destroy parent-child relationships, all outside of the rule of law.

Most folks have no clue as to the state limitations to invade familial relations. The power of the court to dissolve a marriage for no reason is granted by the legislature under the post ’70’s standard of ‘no-fault’. A simple administrative elimination of a marital bond of no concern to anyone. These days it takes more time, effort, and paperwork to permanently erase a facebook account than to get a divorce. There is absolutely no money for lawyers in such a simple divorce process. Fill out the forms, file, serve, have a hearing, the marriage is dissolved, nothing to it, don’t even need a lawyer. The lawyer feed comes from the artificial custody fight inflamed by these legal lizards and supported by doting judges. But why is this? There is no constitutional cause for the state to invade parent-child relationships because the parents are or are not married. The state holds no interest in marriage. An unmarried black woman can have five kids by five men, the welfare checks still cash, the state does not care. The state does not invade the family to supervise the visitation of felon baby daddies. The state does not have any interest in parental communications, does not require use of a special email system, does not inject the supervision of a guardian ad litem, does not order the children to ‘therapy’ for undetermined adjustment disorders, does not order the mom and five fathers to parenting education classes. The state just does not give a shit about a poor black family of five kids and six unmarried parents. But the state, acting through its family court cares very much about the children of two white divorcing parents with money!

The stark black and white contrast is painted with money for lawyers, mostly jews, who are professional parasites, knowing exactly where to suck money out of the host society. The trick is played by twisting the ancient power of parens patriae to enable the parasitic activity. The state court takes up the concern of the artificial ‘best interest of the child’ standard to inject itself into matters of parent-child bonds. Unlike the unmarried black family with no money, a white family with money and kids is of great interest to the Family Bar Association, it is the singular source of funding for the bottom of the barrel lawyers who live off of the family court scam of a ‘custody fight’. The game is simple, one lawyer makes an artificial argument to strip the other parent of ‘custody’ of the children, the court appointed jew GAL agrees. Fight on, billable hours to follow. But wait, where does the state obtain its power to strip a fit parent of custody because they are divorcing? One parent makes a claim of sole custody against the other? Where is the legal foundation for this? The parents are joined in suit to dissolve a meaningless marital bond, where does fighting over the kids come from? The six unmarried poor black parents all share custody of their respective babies. What gives?

The trick of the jewish family court is to ignore the constitutional fact that the state parens patriae powers only permits familial action to protect a child from harm. If there is no harm to a child, the parent has not been declared unfit, then the court lacks jurisdiction to strip a parent of custody just because the marriage is being dissolved. In legal terms, the award of sole custody in Connecticut literally means that a child was being harmed and the non-custodial parent was found to be the cause, so custody was stripped to protect the child, absent claim on behalf of a sovereign people … which is so not the reality. Just jewdicial discretion overriding the rule of law.

The jews of Connecticut fool the public that the family court acts in the best interest of the child. But there is more to that soundbyte than is spoken. The soundbyte comes from a 1925 high court decision in the State of New York which said the court “upon petition does not proceed upon the theory that the petitioner, whether father or mother, has a cause of action against the other or indeed against any one. He acts as parens patriae to do what is best for the interest of the child. He is to put himself in the position of a ‘wise, affectionate and careful parent’, and make provision for the child accordingly.” In simple terms the court is not an arbitrator of a claim for sole custody in a divorce matter, the court cannot take up a cause of one parent to strip the other parent of custody. The court only has the power to act as a ‘wise, affectionate and careful parent’. Needless to say, no wise parent would strip another parent of custody for personal gain, that is just the jewish twist which creates revenue for jewish divorce lawyers who lack the intellect to do real estate closings. The jew game of inflicting discourse, disagreement, fighting in the host society has been their hallmark of a people for over two millennia. They have been such assholes for so long they have been kicked out of over 109 countries in the last 1200 years, they were even expelled from the City of Rome a hundred years before the common era. Nasty people they are.

How did the ‘family’ court create this power to strip custody incidental to a no-fault divorce brought by one parent? The court lacks jurisdiction to invade the unmarried poor black family with six parents, how does it do it in family court? Let’s examine the evil horsemen of Connecticut child trafficking. In the shadows lurks King Jew Judge Solomon, the evil overlord of all things unconstitutional in family court. His rabbinical jewish doctrine, based on the Talmud, treats the goy children as four-legged calves of four-legged parents, devoid of any constitutional protections or human context. His Talmudic edicts are designed as a weapon of jewish hatred of Christianity to destroy the family unit of the goy, the foundation of Christianity, and the building block of enlightened societies; neither of which Solomon wants to see flourish.

Next evil horseman of the child apocalypse is the Dark Lord himself, jew Judge Gerard Adelman, a known pedophile, he embodies the greatest evil of the family court, trafficking children, plundering family savings, accountable to the state pedophile ring. An ailing, old, diseased man who should be spending his dying days fly fishing, reading books, or gazing at the ocean is curiously working full time on those special divorce cases where parents have money and kids. Adelman has never been on a bench of competent jurisdiction for serious legal matters anywhere in Connecticut. Other than a brief stint in traffic court, he has always been in family court … right where the pedo ring wants him to do his appointed duty, until he dies.

The present chief of family court, Judge Michael Albis is also an evil horseman but rides a small pony, as he has been appointed as a place holder upon the removal of the evil dyke on the bike, Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto. Poor Albis just sits in chambers and does what he is told. He holds no power to control the jew judges in his division, he cannot stop the trafficking, he cannot stop the financial abuse, he cannot even issue standing orders to eliminate the protracted litigation which serves only to enrich lawyers and harm children. He rides a pony with no reins.

Next evil rider is Judge William Bright who oversees the appellate court, ensuring that there is no recourse to abuse by family court decisions. Whatever the jew judges do to children and savings accounts in family court will be stamped with approval of Bright and his band of fools on the appellate bench. He does not have the power to point out to the lower court that a fit parent cannot be stripped of custody incidental to dissolution of marriage and no petition by the state itself. Bright is simply not allowed to do his job under the state constitution. He is a follow horse.

Finally there is the big dumb nigger on the big horse who sits backward in the saddle while the horse is led by the jewish pedophile ring. Chief Justice Richard Robinson is the jew place holder for the head of the state judicial branch. He has no power to apply rule of law, constitutional principles, nor even human decency to the goy of Connecticut. The token nigger is told what to do, how to do it, and knows that he will be whipped until he says his name is Toby or the brakes on his new car will suddenly fail should he get out of line by suggesting family court is operating outside the law.

For the technically inclined legal aficionados, the power of parens patriae originated from the divine powers of the King under church law. Children are gifts from God, the King is responsible for the well-being of all who dwell in his kingdom. The only cause the King’s chancellor held was to protect the infant. The power transferred from the King to the states at the Founding. The power is solely enacted by the states through its courts, the modern chancellery. The due process required under state and federal constitutions is for the state, through its Attorney General, acting on behalf of the sovereign people, to bring forth a petition of unfitness against a parent in order to strip custody, no other ‘due process’ is available. The state statutes that provide power to the court to strip custody or even give kids away to a third party, incidental to a no-fault divorce are simply unconstitutional. One parent has no standing to plead to the court to strip the other’s protected custody rights. Just like no one has standing to muzzle this blog’s right to free expression. SCOTUS explained all this in Troxel v Granville over twenty years ago. The Connecticut family court, completely run by jews, their twisted beliefs, and perverted philosophies about goy children, play the custody racket to enrich fellow jew lawyers and to destroy Christian families; all outside the law. Obviously there are no Christians nor constitutionalists on the judiciary committee of the General Assembly, just a goy face on a jewish council to profit from child abuse.

What does it take to protect the constitution and the children from the jews of Connecticut? A .50 cal to the head? F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station, concealed sniper on the grassy knoll, fleas of a thousand camels?

Do the horsemen incite imminent lawless action?