Lost Birthday

Today would have been Jennifer’s 52nd birthday, if not for the jews of Connecticut Family Court and their rabid desire to drain her bank account under the guise of a ‘no-fault’ divorce. A painful reminder that jewish control of the Family Courts is deadly.

Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would agree that the State of Connecticut discriminated against Jen, by denial of a proper and timely ‘no-fault’ divorce. Dragging Jen and her bank account through purposeless litigation over the course of two years is judicial misconduct outside statutory powers. A deprivation of rights under color of state law, as codified in federal statute. The mafioso styled family law profiteers of the State remain protected. Not one change has been made to the ‘process’ which caused Jen’s death. Not a single legislator has raised an inquiry, as to why jew Judge Donna Heller never issued a trial management order, set a schedule for discovery, convened a special masters session or even pretended to act as a judge. Speaker Joe Aresimowicz speaks out about the cancellation of high school football, but never says a word about judicial abuse of Jen. The judiciary committee itself was silent when Judge Heller appeared for reappointment … not a single question by any member, as if a dark force had silenced them all. Chief Justice Robinson speaks out about a dead black man in handcuffs, but says nothing of a dead mother denied a simple, no-fault divorce. Judge Elliot Solomon hides in his office, refusing to explain why his acclaimed mediation services were withheld from Jen. Judge Michael Albis, the chief judge of family court cowers in chambers, hoping that the court induced murder of Jen will not raise the ire of the people nor upset the revenues generated by jewish thieves fleecing mothers’ savings.

When such a wall of silence comes down upon the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, it is a clear sign that a powerful evil force commands the elected minions to bury the story of Jen and all the players who conspired to drain her bank account. The show must go on, the chosen ones have cause to continue their activities outside the law, the fictitious standard of ‘best interest of the children’ will be upheld, even if it means the death of both parents, absolute immunity protects all. The sound of belt-fed ammo shattering windows and walls of chambers will be the people’s retort to the evil hiding under Satan’s black robes.

This beautiful mother of five would have celebrated her 52nd birthday today, had it not been for the unscrupulous conduct of the Connecticut Family Court and its deviant masters.