Jen Dulos Mediation Center

The State of Connecticut funds a Family Mediation Center in Hartford headed by king jew Judge Elliot Solomon. The purpose of the center is to spare families the trauma and financial pain of trial to obtain a simple no-fault divorce. The King Jew spoke in detail, under oath, today about his work in the mediation center. See it here on CT-N.

Needless to say, Jen Dulos did not get any mediation assistance. She was dragged through 705 days of pointless litigation until she was murdered as a consequence of court induced conflict. So let’s name the Family Mediation Center the Jennifer Dulos Family Mediation Center and put a picture of Jen in the lobby next to a picture of jew Judge Donna Heller with a warning label: Heller, better off dead. A nice photo of Attorney Michael Meehan, the GAL who took $175k for his ‘professional services’ looking out for the best interests of his five orphaned wards. Of course a picture of the fat jew boy, Attorney Reuben Midler who laughed all the way to the bank with $1.5M in legal fees that he fleeced from Jen, without ever obtaining the simple no-fault divorce for which he was retained.

Why did the jews of Stamford Family Court not send the case to the MEDIATION CENTER? There was simply too much money to be stolen by Midler and Meehan. As well, Judge Heller was getting her cut under the table, so there was no jewish reason to send the ‘cash cow’ case to mediation. The jew family court wants your money first, fuck judicial efficiency, caseflow or docket management; cold hard cash is what drives case management. If you and your kids don’t survive the process, boo hoo for you.

Jews of family court … fucking up society five kids at a time.

Five orphans. The trauma of family court.
Elliot Solomon, King Jew of Connecticut Family Court.
Jew Judge Donna Heller, created orphans rather than issue a no-fault divorce.
Fat boy Jew Reuben Midler, sacrifices clients for money.
Guardian Ad Litem of five Dulos orphans, sleeze-ball Attorney Michael Meehan…family law practice is ‘easy money’.