Words That Wound/Judges Who Kill

The Connecticut Supreme Court is fascinated with the use of the word ‘nigger‘, as it wounds the black person. What the fuck is this shit? The judges have established a class of speech that causes wounds when spoken? Yeah, right. What about judges who kill?

Connecticut Family Court is under the singular control of jew Judge Elliot N. Solomon. This court has killed a number of its victims over the years, but there is no Supreme opinion to check the damage or limit the discretion of the sloths on the bench from inflicting more harm on families. What gives? Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson is a jew in black face. He is a puppet on strings, controlled by the yeshiva of the chosen. His high court issued forty-six pages of total bullshit on why ‘nigger’ is not protected speech for whitey. A totally jewish example of how to undermine the rule of law. How exactly are verbally wounded black folk of greater jewdicial importance than dead family court litigants? Fucking nigger Robinson does nothing to address the atrocities of the family court under his direct control, but plays wordsmith in violation of 1A.

Jennifer Dulos was killed while being denied a simple administrative ‘no-fault’ divorce. Her wallet was raped and her children abused for the profit of jews. Fucking nigger Robinson denied Jen and her kids the simple courtesy of equal protection and due process, a horrific constitutional violation by the court. Did fucking nigger Robinson act to remedy the court misconduct? A censure to the judges who failed their oaths? Heller, Colin, Novack. The court issued one-hundred and twenty-three orders over twenty-three months, but forced Jen to remain married to an adulterer in violation of state statutes. Now nigger boy and his band of clowns follow the jewish script by shitting out forty-six pages of drivel on a whacked out social theory on calling a ‘nigger’ a ‘fucking nigger’. The taxpayers really paying for this shit? This is government of the people, by the people, for the people? Is your powder dry?

What if fucking nigger boy Robinson’s band of seven dwarfs ends up tossed off the Middletown Bridge by and angry mob of niggers, spics, crackers, gun owners, and parents who do not appreciate meaningless rulings on language while failing to protect poor little brown babies? Baby Aaden was killed by the greed of jew boy Judge Barry Pinkus, who could not provide the poor brown kid equal protection nor due process. Perhaps the facts are finally before the people that these judges are indeed domestic enemies of the Constitution, enemies of the people, terrorists in black robes. The Tree of Liberty thirsts for the blood of these tyrants. 308 ball ammo preferred or as the Ninth Circuit upholds: “a 50 cal in the head soon”.

It is past time to cleanse the bench of foul miscreants who rule from the Talmud advancing a sinister agenda upon a civilized Christian society. Christian teaching instructs one to turn the other cheek upon a slap in the face. Words cannot inflict ‘wounds’ under secular law. The decision in Connecticut v Liebenguth is a trite jewish attempt to defeat the First Amendment. However, it does highlight the patriotic need to wipe the filth from the bench, re-dedicating the principles of the Founding Fathers for a free people.

Perhaps a ’50 cal to the head’ will re-calibrate the court terrorists.
Pretty much sums up the underlying issue.
In reality, 50 cal to the head is just hyperbole, as there is no head left after a 50 cal passes through. 308 ball will do fine.