The showdown is here! The gauntlet has been thrown! The Jews of the Connecticut Judiciary have been targeted! The will of the people faces off against rabbinical opinion! The whim of morons in black robes versus accountability of We The People! Chief Justice Robinson is shaking! Patrick Carroll is trembling! Elliot Solomon is shitting bricks! The will of the people is bringing the hammer down on the rigged game of family court and the infamous Guardian Ad Litem racket run by the judges themselves.

A Bill is raised to formally deny the ‘absolute immunity’ conferred on GALs of the family court by Jewette Katz and her pals at the State Supreme Court back in 2005. The Bill’s language is quite simple, allowing for damage suits against clowns of the court. Here it is:


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened:That chapter 815j of the general statutes be amended to provide that:

(1) Any person, aggrieved by the professional malpractice of a guardian ad litem appointed in a family relations matter, may bring a civil action seeking appropriate relief, including equitable relief, damages or both in the superior court for the judicial district in which such guardian ad litem was appointed, and (2) a guardian ad litem named as a defendant in a professional malpractice action shall not be entitled to raise a defense of qualified or absolute immunity in such action.

Statement of Purpose: To: (1) Ensure that parents, guardians and others aggrieved by the professional malpractice of a guardian ad litem appointed in a family relations matter have the ability to bring a civil malpractice action against such guardian ad litem, and (2) abolish qualified or absolute immunity as a defense that may be raised by a guardian ad litem in a professional malpractice action.

So short and sweet! Now the battle of law! CJ Robinson has already circled his wagons at the direction of his jewish masters to combat the sovereign will of the people in holding GALs accountable. The days of looting, inane recommendations, fueling conflict, and professional child trafficking are over. This Bill will completely destroy the profitable racketeering, meticulously created and protected by judges, lawyers and members of the judiciary committee itself. The fireworks will be impressive. The legal basis of the bill is already set down in SCOTUS decision which states immunity cannot be applied as policy by a court, which is exactly what Jewette Katz did in Carrubba v Moskowitz. Plot twist!!! What lawyer is going to step up to the plate to make a few bucks playing the paedo game of child trafficking when it is open season on GAL conduct? What insurance company is going to underwrite lawyer games in family court where the GAL has no defined function, but can be sued at the drop of a hat for unfounded ‘recommendations’ on other people’s kids? What professional principles even apply to the lecherous racket of doing a paedo judge’s personal bidding? Malpractice is assured just by being a GAL in Connecticut!

The real fun will be watching the judiciary committee reveal its true colors. Stuffed with lawyers, this committee is a simple extension of the Bar and the Judges, having little to do with We The People. In order to appease the jewdicial masters, the committee puppet must kill this bill. To uphold the rule of law, constitutional principles, and the will of the people, the bill must pass unanimously. This is where the power of the jews comes out in force to protect the plundering of goy families before the family court. Bring popcorn! Watch the jew parade appear in legislative back rooms threatening every member of the Assembly with disembowelment. The jews of the judiciary are legendary: Holly Wetstone, Gerald Adelman, Annie Dranginis, Lynda Munro, Liz Buzzuto, Leo Diana, Donna Heller, Eric Coleman, Barry Armata, and the king himself, Elliott Solomon. The ranks of the bottom feeding child trafficking lawyers are just as familiar with jew Steve Dembo leading the pack of Ciel Gersten, Margaret Bozek, Rhonda Morra, Stacey Nobles, Sue Cousineau, Kelly Babbitt, Jennifer Verraneault, Rosa Rebimbas, Sharon Dornfeld, Michael Fasano, John Mager, and of course the devil’s sister herself Mary Brigham. See the official list of new defendants here.

But wait, there is more fun buried between the lines. The Office of Public Defender under the obese direction of Christine Rapillo contracts with bottom tier lawyers for $500 a child to provide state funded GALs for poor folk. Now who wants to take on a child trafficking case for $500 with the likelihood of losing it all in dealing with a civil suit in damages for what used to be free money? Likewise, the paedo sponsored Children’s Law Center under jewish management of Justine Rakich-Kelly will soon be out of business, as one or two lawsuits will wipe it out financially … a good thing!!!

GALs will soon be gone from the Connecticut family court racket. The minute a GAL recommends ‘reunification therapy’ a lawsuit for malpractice is filed. The instant a GAL recommends ‘supervised visitation’ another suit drops in civil court. The second a GAL recommends some ‘therapeutic’ course of action, malpractice is triggered. Nominating a ‘forensic psychological evaluator’ being more malpractice worthy of remedy in suit. A GAL accusing a parent of ‘parental alienation’ becomes a malpractice defendant, represented by an insurance company desperately trying to settle out of court and dumping the GAL as a client forever. Even the opinion of the GAL on custody goes to malpractice, as there is no professional basis for such. The revenue trick of requesting a ‘status conference’ is now responded in suit. The risks are incalculable. The old game of easy money, getting paid by doting judges with college savings for sitting in court picking their noses is gone.

But here is the best part, GALs who have plundered, stolen, maligned, and damaged families in the past are fair game when this bill is passed. No hiding, court records reveal all. Let’s just imagine how much money the five Dulos kids can get out of Michael Meehan’s insurance company for the bang up job he did protecting their ‘best interests’. A simple damage suit dragging Meehan in front of a jury would bring any insurance company to its knees. The lack of immunity would instantly eliminate the pseudo qualification program run by the judges, as the state will hold the liability for conduct such as Meehan’s based on the quackery of ‘qualification’ administered by Judge Michael Albis, chief of family court. The destruction of the system is upon King Elliot Solomon and all his jewish pals.

The jews of family court have been cornered. The fight will be bloody, as this bill will absolutely destroy the present scam played out in family court. Bring popcorn!

Senator Gary Winfield, threatened with disembowelment by Judge Solomon, if the Bill is not killed.
Nigger Boy Robinson must protect the immunity of the GALs or the brakes on his new car mysteriously fail.
King Jew of Family Court, will release his flying monkeys on We The People to protect his rabbinical court and its immune players. Evil befalls all who oppose his rabbinical authority over goy children.
Attorney Michael Meehan, GAL to the Dulos children, first test case of the new Bill, trial by jury!!
The goy of the assembly take aim at the jewish scam of GAL absolute immunity brought on by our favorite high Jew, Joette Katz.
Suits are already being drafted against the infamous GAL Mary Brigham, there is a long line of plaintiffs for her.
Popcorn! The jews are going to put on a show!!