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Federal Clarification

Time for some federal clarification of free speech under the First Amendment, despite what the jews of family court want you to believe. Not even Judge Bozzuto is above the law, but her paedophile protectors will twist it to all extents possible in retaliation against Christian critics. In the battle of good vs. evil there will be casualties on both sides, but the children of the light hold constitutional right to criticize the dark side with horrific prose that can terrify a monster like Elizabeth Bozzuto of Connecticut.

Non-Satan worshipers will take note of rulings by the Second, Sixth, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuit Courts along with the opinion of seven decent mid-westerners known as the Kansas Supreme Court and SCOTUS itself. The Eleventh Circuit finds that the First Amendment protects society’s culture in expression of care and extending charity. In Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs v City of Fort Lauderdale, Judge Adalberto Jordon ruled that ‘we the people’ hold constitutional protections to express our cultural concern for the hungry by feeding them in public, despite the efforts of private agendas to thwart such Christian attributes by law or ordinance. Good wins over evil!

The Sixth and Second Circuits hold prose expressing a fantasy, such as torturing, igniting, and killing a known person or preparing marinade, then roasting said person for cannibalistic culinary pleasure is protected speech. See US v Jake Baker from Sixth and US v Gil Valle from Second. Northern District California recently applied stare decisis of the Ninth and Second to uphold nasty criticism of a public official is not a ‘true threat‘, wherein the speaker uses horrific prose absent intent to engage in the described conduct. See US v Weiss. The Supreme Court ruled in US v Elonis that the government’s claim of reckless speech violates the First Amendment. A point upheld in denial of certiorari for a recent Kansas case which struck down criminal recklessness applied to speech. Criminal conduct requires mens rea to be in the intent of the speaker, which is never present in the screams emanating from family court. The overall federal conclusion is that ranting about the conduct of jewish family court judges is protected speech. Silencing the screams of the victims of jewdicial discretion is exactly how the Talmud rules the goy; Evil winning over Good.

A society of GOOD must rededicate itself to calling out the EVIL brought on by Judge Bozzuto and her child predators of family court. Despite Connecticut’s efforts to silence the voices of GOOD, federal law protects speech such as: “Bozzuto, paedo bitch, she will have a 50 cal in her head soon!” The jews of Connecticut under puppet Chief Judge Robinson apply an unconstitutional standard of rough equivalent to criminalize said speech; Talmud law. The Good of society must take up arms under the Second Amendment to protect the First from the jews of Connecticut. Silencing a Christian people from criticizing the jewdiciary for conduct resulting in the deaths of Baby Aaden and Jen Dulos is the demand of Evil. There is no future for a society who cannot protect its children. Silence is the work of evil.

The Constitution provides the means to call out the evil doers of Connecticut Family Court in most unpleasant terms. An expressive army is called up, where Jake Baker sodomizes Bozzuto with a hot curling iron, soaks her in lighter fluid, and flicks his Bic; Gil Valle prepares marinade and holds a barbecue of jewdicial flesh to feed the homeless; Toni Elonis pulls his knife, flicks his wrist and slits her throat; Howard Weiss calls for the Kentucky Resistance to hang her by her pussy lips with the most torture ever endured. Tim Boettger demands piling jewdicial corpses in a roadside ditch. Good rising over evil.

The First Amendment provides non-criminal means to express a Christian society’s displeasure with jewdicial predators of Connecticut family court. The ruling paedo elite are so scared their Talmudic game be exposed that criticism, ranting, screeching by the victims is criminalized outside the law of the land. The goy will be jailed. Private talk of F35 smart bombs landing in Bozzuto’s swimming pool is not criminal. Death rays from the space station aimed at her head; sci-fi. A two thousand foot sniper shot through nine hundred feet of forest and two panes of window glass; fantasy. Standard .308 ammo; patriot’s choice. Feet first into a woodchipper; Connecticut classic. Taken out by a State snow plow; poetic. Tossed off the Middletown Bridge; divine retribution. Stabbed to death in her garage; déjà vu. Burned at the stake tied to Judge Elliot Solomon; Salem witch style. Headless bodies in black robes rafting down the Connecticut River; priceless!

Burn a judicial witch at the stake, protect the children!