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The GAL Muzzle

There is a strange repetitive order in Connecticut family courts which prohibits fit parents from caring for their children absent approval by the Guardian Ad Litem. The order comes down from the bench sua sponte prohibiting the parents from contacting the police or child protective services or any mandated reporter such as a pediatrician without first addressing the matter to the GAL. Sound strange? It is pure evil!

The most recent example of this type of order is seen in the Ambrose case, where Judge Jane Grossman prohibits the parents from being parents by appointing the evil Jocelyn Hurwitz as gatekeeper to application of protective and medical care of her three wards, Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer. The more technically inclined blog fan will note that parents do not surrender their parental responsibilities in the care and protection of their children, just because one of them filed for a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. So what is the legal foundation to an order barring parental care in favor of GAL control? Pedo protection? Of course, this is Connecticut, where family court judges traffic kids. Keeping pediatricians, hospitals, and child protective services out of the equation makes the game easier for the jews involved in child snatching.

Other judges who have invoked this order have been blog famous Anne Ficeto, Holly Wetstone, Lynda Munro, Gerard Adelman, and Elizabeth Bozzuto. GALs involved have been the notorious Mary Brigham, the evil Rhonda Morra, jews Steve Dembo, Ceil Gersten, Justine Rakich-Kelly, and Margaret Bozek. The jewish stench of such orders is nauseating. The right to care of a child is constitutionally protected in the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments, where strict scrutiny and narrow state interest is required to suspend such rights. So where is the jewdicial justification? In a well written memo of decision, signed by the judge for all to see … no chance! Just another abuse of discretion blessed by the nigger chief justice Robinson.

The Chief of Family Court Michael Albis plays possum when asked why his expensive highly trained judges are issuing such orders. Jewdicial discretion cannot vacate the Bill of Rights in a civilized society, so why does he allow this, while ignoring public complaints? Give up? It is the direction of blog famous ELLIOT SOLOMON, the king jew and behind the scenes puppet master. Elliot is beholden to the state pedo ring to deliver decisions. Elliot is a jew, Grossman is a jew, Hurwitz is a jew, custody evaluators are all jews. Jews traffic sex toys through the family court. Albis does what he is told … he is a good goi!

In the Ambrose case the jew damage is obvious. Jocelyn Hurwitz collects $400/hr for promoting the isolation of three children from their mother over the last ten months. Induced psychological harm is a method of brainwashing to force a psychotic break on kids to affect trafficking. What better way to isolate kids from mom. Train a dog to roll over, train a kid to suck a dick, same mental process. Jews are masters of it. But don’t dare let the kids see a pediatrician!!!

The technical question is what does society do to protect the Ambrose kids? Letters to the editor? Redress to the legislature? Complain to the pedo chinaman in the Attorney General’s office?? Apply to nigger boy Robinson in the public interest? Summon the Governor’s Foot Guard? Call the feds? FBI? Fat chance to all of the above. All are monsters playing the trafficking operation, which has gone on for over thirty years, protected by the highest and most evil powers of the state.

Is the only recourse left in protection of children for the kids themselves to run? Self preservation? Escape the torment of an abusive parent, court ordered isolation, and psychological harm. Have the pedos/jews crushed society to the point the children must flee for their own survival? When the state is in the business of child abuse, what is a child to do? Run?

The more enlightened reader will note that the first instance of court orders which placed a GAL as a gatekeeper to restrict parents from caring for their children was done by Judge Lynda Munro in the case Buggy v Buggy, where dad was a pedo, mother was maligned by the GAL who was Jocelyn Hurwitz. The Ambrose case is just the same trick being played out by the same jew game of legal ambush and child trafficking with the same jew GAL. Any questions?

$400/hr to traffic children
Must kids flee to protect themselves from the State?
Jane Grossman does not want the Ambrose kids to see a pediatrician and has ordered the GAL to ensure their screams will not be heard. Jew game.