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Negligent John Hughes

The conspirators of family court work under the color of state law to deprive citizens of rights protected under the Constitution. Everyone knows that. It is obvious to the most casual observer, but it continues unchallenged with the blessing of federal overseers. In Connecticut, the overseer is John B. Hughes, head of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut.

Connecticut Family Court is a racketeering operation run by a conspiracy of unscrupulous state actors and private lawyers to fleece families where one parent seeks a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. The application for the divorce is purely administrative, the court cannot deny any request to exit a marriage. There is no ‘judgment’ to be made, the court must dissolve the marriage by law. Pretty simple shit. The state scam of creating a false fight over the kids does not stem from any statutory or inherent power of the court; it is simply a constitutional violation executed for lawyer feed. The state only has power to interfere with parental-child bonds to act in protection of the child. Stripping a parent of custody requires a finding of harm. This is never done in family court. The unauthorized discretion of the judge determines custody, absent interest by the state or claim of harm. Not due process, more like jewish wrath right out of the Talmud.

The Supreme Court of the United States prescribes a limit to state interference into families in Troxel v Granville, where Justice Sandra O’Connor rendered the opinion based on fundamental liberties and the Fourteenth Amendment due process clause. No such limit applies in Connecticut family court, as interference is the sole money maker for lawyers, judges, and sleazy vendors of the court. Just because one parent wants out of a marriage, no cause is raised that necessitates a fight to strip either parent of custody. The state attorney general never appears to argue that one parent is unfit to be a custodial parent. Discretion of a jewish judge is not ‘due process’ under federal law. The court’s power to deal with child custody matters descends from the power of the King over the kingdom. The King was actually responsible for the well being of his subjects, which included the children. If there is harm to a child in the kingdom, the King held power and duty of protection. Simple. The King executed this divine power through the Court of Chancellory. Today, the States hold this inherent power as individual sovereigns, where the power is solely exercised through the family courts. But the constitutional catch is that the child must be in need of protection from harm for the state to interfere. A point ignored by the modern day scam of divorce court and custody fights. The present arrangement is a conspiracy in deprivation of rights under color of state law. But the federal overseers turn a blind eye to their child trafficking state counterparts.

Meet John B. Hughes, a 68 year old, professional federal paycheck sponge, head of the Civil Rights Division for the feds in New Haven. He sits on his ass for years, ignoring the deprivation of rights in Connecticut, doing his master’s bidding and shredding the Constitution. If Johnny Boy was not fucking little kids with his pals in the Connecticut pedo ring, he might have noticed the federal deprivations of rights in the state family court. He lives in Branford at 9 Pasadena Road which is only 25 miles from where Baby Aaden took a dive off the Middletown Bridge because Judge Pinkus threw his mom out of court and did not appoint a GAL to represent his best interests. How did Johnny Boy not see the deprivation of rights which caused the death of the child? The unequal application of justice? Johnny Boy has been a lawyer since 1978, admitted to the Connecticut Bar, a home grown pedo, who knows the Civil Rights Act of 1871. How could his wife Michele sleep in the same bed with the pervert who did not launch a federal investigation into the deprivations causing such a horrific death of a child? Maybe Michele is pedo too? Beaten by Johnny Boy? President of Pedo Housewives of New Haven?

Johnny Boy is a white supremacist type, so he does not care about a poor brown baby being tossed off a bridge into the Connecticut River. But how did he and Michele ignore the demise of Jen Dulos? Is Johnny Boy too focused on little boy ass not to notice that poor folk get kicked out of court by a jewish judge, but rich white folk in front of jewish judge get tied up in court for years with all sorts of expenses that solely benefit court players? Is this not obvious racketeering by jewish judges? Why did the rich white Taucks have eighty-six days of trial before jew Judge Holly Wetstone, but Rose Stroebel was tossed out of court by Wetstone for not having a lawyer? Can Johnny Boy not see the lack of equality in the family court? If you don’t have money, no time for you. If you do have money, all the court time is yours. Pay to play?

Pedo Johnny Boy did not notice that the legislature kicked jew Judge Jane Emons off the bench for being a failure? What supervisory powers of the state court system were being abused to allow Emons to deny rights to parents before the bench, to the extent the legislature had to fix it? Johnny Boy not even curious? Why do kids from rich parents get GALs appointed, but poor folk never? Why do rich parents have their cases moved to the star chamber at RFTD? No poor folks ever go there. Why do the jewish judges order the rich parents to pay the GALs directly? No paper trail to follow. No federal income reporting, never even an invoice in the court file, never a 1099. Perfect set up for money laundering and tax free kickbacks to the judge. How is due process followed, if there is no evidence of an invoice in the file, but a court order for payment exists? Sure smells like racketeering.

Let’s face it, Johnny Boy knows full well the federal deprivations of rights that go on in family court. He knows the story of Baby Aaden, Jen Dulos, Johathan Wiegand, Angela Hickman, Gerald Mastrangelo, Kelly Grohs, Susan Skip, Sunny Kelley, Peter Szymonik, Andrew Fish, Rose Stroebel, Mike Nowacki, Colleen Bushey, Lauren Haidon, Frank Maturo, Pam Eisenlohr, Hector Morera, Lori Thaner, Dianne Hart, and others who have been denied rights by unscrupulous state actors acting outside the law. But Johnny Boy is in on the game. He can easily open and investigation, convene a grand jury or two, issue subpoenas, take depositions, cut immunity deals with insiders in return for testimony … but he does nothing, just like he is told to do. A subpoena of every ‘sole custody’ case would find that there was never evidence of child harm to justify state interference. A subpoena of every GAL invoice would find lack of tax payments, lack of work product, and falsified time sheets. A subpoena of filed financial affidavits would show the direct relationship between court entertained protracted litigation and parental income. It would also highlight the lack of attention afforded poor folk. All the evidence is clear as day and sits public view in court files. The patterns of racketeering are clear. But alas, Johnny Boy fucks little boy ass and he cannot investigate himself nor the ring. Michele may never know the true extent of the monster in her bed. But pedo Johnny will soon be rewarded with his pension for his federal protection of the state pedo ring for so many years. He will soon sell his snowblower and move to a retirement community in Florida, where he will eventually die, after a sordid reflection on his miserable life … the legacy of John Hughes will be nothing more than the silenced screams of raped children and abused parents in Connecticut, all in deprivation of rights he was paid to protect. Unless of course, his headless body is found floating in the Connecticut River, leaving the elites of the State to worry about what he divulged before a Patriot’s righteous axe came down upon his neck. Just sayin’.

US Attorney John B. Hughes, federal overseer of pedophiles for District of Connecticut.