Blow some smoke up the judge’s robes claiming Connecticut has jurisdiction in Buffalo. Dueling states or legal frivolity?

Public Forum

Public scrutiny of court proceedings is a fundamental right of society. Be wary of those who seek secrecy under the rule of law.

Call Georgia

Living in Cumming, Georgia, peach plates and driver license, tells the court he lives in Fairfield, CT.

Carl Ajello

Prosecutorial misconduct personified, white niggah Connecticut style. Pedo rule of law.


An unholy evil force unleashed on the American people.


Two state driver’s licenses, three residential addresses, false police reports, false affidavits, no tax returns, unregistered Cadillac, family court drama at its best.

Jewish Adjustment Disorder

How junk science comes to the aide of wife beater, bone cracker and child abuser….just an adjustment problem.

LoVallo’s Psychiatric Stability

Time to take a look at the jewdicial bias and prejudice played out in Family Court under the color of law. ┬áToday we observe the perverted logic festering in the twisted legal mind of child predator in black, Judge Sharon LoVallo of New York. LoVallo, the crazy, takes aim at a mother. ┬áMother is a victim of domestic violence and has the broken bones to… Read More »LoVallo’s Psychiatric Stability