The Doctor is: IN

The Doctor is IN! The hairstylist of Pure Platinum, a hair studio in Oxford, Connecticut is a self-appointed doctor of psychology, who can dye your hair, while diagnosing children who she declares are subjects of psychological harm. Vicki Frenzel uses her hair dressing license to practice psychology, in making sworn statements in a court of law.

Again, the now famous blog states its standard disclaimer that it ain’t making this shit up. Vicki Frenzel will wash, trim, and blow dry, while claiming expertise in all that is harmful to children. She is so good at coloring, curling, braiding, that she can swear under oath when two little girls are subject to ‘psychological harm’. Vicki is pure white trailer trash who lies with a straight face, just to get control of a trust fund. Ordinarily, such gold-digging attributes of a skank hairdresser is not blog worthy, but for the shocking fact that a dumb nigger in a black robe in Waterbury Family Court believed the bitch.

Blog famous dumb nigger Judge Eric Coleman, Jr., a token graduate of the Pomfret School, Columbia University, and UCONN Law School for retards is so fucking stupid as to not even question the professional opinion of a hair stylist in his so-called court of law. Again, d’Blog cannot make this shit up. The retarded nigger Coleman first stepped foot in a courtroom when he became a judge and it shows. The lack of judicial integrity is of great concern to a free people who rely on the courts to uphold the rule of law. But when shit like this goes down, in public view, there is an implied call-to-arms, absent a remedy by the chief nigger in the big black robe who masquerades as the Chief Justice of the Connecticut Judiciary.

CJ Richard Robinson allows his fellow nigger Coleman to abuse the rule of law by admitting a sworn accusation of ‘psychological harm’ by a hairdresser. Let that sink in. A court of law, bound by rules of evidence, due process, pesky constitutional protections, allows a hairdresser to make a complaint of ‘psychological harm’ before a retarded nigger on the bench. The nigger was facing a courtroom full of white lawyers all promoting the diagnosis of the hairdresser. The attendees included blog famous DICKHEAD Mike Fasano, the blood sucking jewish rabbi from Torrington, Steven Levy, and of course the notorious child trafficking GAL, cancer cunt herself, Mary Brigham. All these white folk supporting white trash hairdresser’s psychological diagnosis, obviously overwhelmed the nigger judge with their bright whiteness, blinding poor oppressed, former cotton-pickin’ slave, Judge Coleman so that he could not see the law. Poor fuckin’ nigger.

Credit goes out to non-appearing white trash lawyer, Attorney Karen Fisher from Seymour, who started this insanity by helping Vicki the hairdresser write a false affidavit attesting to the psychological diagnosis of children. It is Fisher’s own signature which attests to the oath of the hairdresser. Sad commentary on Fisher is that one can take the girl out of the trailer, but one can’t take the trailer out of the girl. She will always be white trash with the mentality of a rock, falsely proclaiming that she can practice law. Just another miscreant destroying the elements of an enlightened society, preying on children, destroying lives.

Of course, Connecticut would not be the source of such horrid child trafficking stories, if it were not for the expert oversight of PJ Ann Ficeto, Satan’s side ho’, along with Chief Administrative Judge for family court, the heretic Michael Albis, spineless purposeless human filth who can’t find the law, even if it hit them in the head, taped to a .50 cal bullet of constitutional retort. The Second Amendment has purpose to protect liberty, but more importantly protect the children who will inherit the nation. Keep your powder dry, the tyrants demand it; concealed snipers in the cemetery, notwithstanding.