Abuse Confession!

Blog famous Vicki Frenzel, concubine to the deceased William Grohs, took the witness stand yesterday afternoon in Southbury Probate Court, to testify under oath that she actively works to isolate Sophia and Genevieve Grohs from their mother. The now famous blog can’t make this shit up. Vicki Frenzel described in detail how she intercepts gifts from family and friends to prevent the girls from having any contact with their natural family. Abuse!

Vicki is not natural family, she just hijacked two children attached to large trust funds from dead daddy with the help of the dumb nigger Judge Eric Coleman of Waterbury Family Court. Vicki shows up in probate asking for control of $100k of life insurance in benefit to the girls. Salivating Vicki got so worked up on the stand that she shrieked that all of mom’s relatives were evil and that she was doing her best to isolate the kids from everyone. She even claims that the Catholic faith is bad for the girls. Too bad for evil Vicki that there is a court order where the real mom and dad agreed to raise the kids in the Catholic Church. God gonna be mad at the heathen bitch!

If Vicki did enter a Catholic Church, the holy water would boil, the skies darken, fire and brimstone comes forth from the Lord’s wrath for her evil abuse of his gifts. A priest might inquire as to why Vicki isolates Evie and Sofi from their mother. Why Vicki violates God’s commandment to honor thy father and mother? Why Vicki’s own son wants nothing to do with her? Somewhere in the conversation Satan’s Vicki disguise splits, the platinum hairdo peels away, horns protrude, a spiked tail extends, red glowing eyes appear along with an instant dermatological reddening of the skin, exposing the internal demon masquerading as evil step-widow to the girls. Then the ancient fight of good vs evil ensues. The benevolent powers of Christianity subdues the thrashing Vicki devil, banishing her back to Hell for eternity. Sofi and Evie live happily ever after, grow up with their mom, know their real family, go to Church, fall in love, marry and have kids of their own, grow old, telling scary stories of the evil step-widow who tried to steal their money and ruin their childhood.

Can the jews and demons of family court do any more harm to children? Blog famous Attorney Mary Brigham was present in court, listening to Satan speak through Vicki. Attorney Joseph Poulsen was too stupid to realize he put his client on the stand to admit to child abuse and neglect. Ooops! Vicki got so worked up she did not realize she was confessing to abuse under oath. She was actually proud to belittle the mother, exalting her isolation skills, righteously denouncing the Catholic religion, how it is so good for the girls to be isolated from their own flesh and blood. Vicki even tossed in a plug for the now famous blog! Just the concept of ‘family’ that nigger boy Judge Coleman wants for children of Connecticut. Chief Family Judge Michael Albis is proud of the devil’s work done by his family court!!! His mother raised a monster!

If this is what the niggers, pedos, and jews of family court bring down on society, is it not time for a few lightening strikes, brimstone, fire, some locusts, a liberal spraying of .50 cal belt-fed ammunition on the ruling elite who get their rocks off destroying parent-child bonds, tearing families apart, inflicting emotional and psychological harm to Satan’s delight under the veil of ‘no-fault’ divorce?

Time for a crusade … in the best interests of the children.

Satan hiding in Vicki Frenzel
Satan on the outside … Vicki Frenzel, child abuser!