The now famous blog highlights the jewish hijacking of American jurisprudence of family protection under the now defunct federal Constitution. Historical review of Connecticut case law shows what was once the protected foundation of society has become a punching bag of jewdicial discretion, but only for white people with money. A sad and vile subversion by the jews in black robes who masquerade as the third branch of government; domestic terrorists deserving of extinction.

The basis for government intervention in the personal relationships of divorced families rests on the premise that society is built on the nuclear family. The white supremacist Christian theology of mother and father joined in the Holy Sacrament of Marriage, the children being produced from such proper union, the family living together, loving each other, rearing children to be responsible adults, and parents of the next generation. Once divorce shatters the family, it became the duty of the government to intervene to ensure the best interests of the children were upheld. This is white supremacist court delusion that state employees in black robes can decide what is best for other people’s children; pretty much Marxist/Big Brother logic. But this is the legal construct on which the court relies to invade what is otherwise a private matter of parent-child relationships.

Today, white supremacist theology of family is not the societal goal of the ruling jews. Christian beliefs of family and society threaten the existence of the jewish minority. Goy families are to be sacrificed on the alter of jewery to keep peasants under foot. Today’s modern government relishes the black ghetto, home to welfare baby momma and her five kids from five different fathers, two of whom are unknown even to mother. Praise is given for two transvestite sloths, injected with synthetic estrogen, sporting gashes where dicks once hung, raising adopted children while trying to conceive with a double ended dildo. Jews savor everything alien to the nuclear family and Christian beliefs. So where is the government interest in the new societal ‘family’? If the grouping of the monkeys is disturbed, why does a state clown in a black robe care? What are the best interests in five black kids who only share the same mother, if there is no marriage to dissolve?

Therein lies the whiteness of the family court. It now functions to invade the Christian form of family specified by a theology hated by jews. Only on the excuse of dissolution of marriage can the jewish word salad of ‘best interests’ undermine every constitutional protection of parent-child bonds. The jews of Connecticut tweaked the statutes to allow the family court to traffic children to third parties just because the parents became un-married. No one be fighting over custody of nigger momma’s kids, so the state cannot interfere. But if white mom and dad are fighting over the kids, then the white supremacist rabbinical court can decide that the parents are not suitable to be custodians and give the kids away to a stranger by simply declaring the child snatching to be in ‘best interests’, no more explanation required under the jew statute. See CGS 46b-56(a). Under Christian theology, children can never be separated from their parents, as God has gifted them with his blessing. Islamic theology is similar, but in Connecticut the jews have rigged the ‘law’ to permit shattering of parent-child bonds to the amusement of a state employee in a black robe doing jewish bidding to destroy society. Nigger momma is safe!

Critical examination of the child trafficking jewish word salad is of great blog interest. The so called ‘law’ enables child snatching by the mere ‘best judgment’ of the clown in the black robe. A state employee with a worthless law degree of such malfeasance to be relegated to the junkyard of jurisprudence given supreme white power to take kids away from parents in the name of ‘equity’. How about them apples for word salad! Forget the Constitution, forget over a century of case law which upholds Christian beliefs; the jews run the place now. Children are now mere creatures of the state once parents enter family court. Nigger momma and her litter of nigger pups are safe from government interference. Best interests do not apply in the ghetto.

How does equity apply to a white mother and father in family court if the jew on the bench is giving the kids away to a third party? Equity for the jews? See the word salad? Don’t ask, just obey. The jew court does not need to prove mother and father are unfit parents. No need to prove that the children are subject to abuse and neglect or in danger of such harm. No need for State interest. No concern for due process. No standard applies, just the jewish concept of ‘best interest’. It is interesting to note that this twisted jewish concept has been used by the state white supreme court to fully defeat all previous protections to parent-child bonds. In 1984, the jewish supremacists of the Connecticut Supreme Court obliterated all protected rights of parents, by ignoring the statute which provided sole parental guardianship of a child on the death of a parent. The law was clear up until 1984, stating when one parent dies the other parent retains the children, then chief jew justice Healey ruled that ‘best interests’ determined by a state clown in a black robe will defeat a parent’s right to their children. It was noted in dissent that parental protections have been swallowed up in the “best interest of the minor child” provisions. The jewish goal of subjecting Christian families to the whim of a monster in a black robe was achieved four decades ago. See McGaffin v Roberts. Note that the evil jew Lynda Munro argued for this jewish concept, she later became chief judge of family court, then resigned to avoid prosecution for misconduct. Unfortunately, she is still alive and destroying families as a lawyer at the jewish firm of Pullman&Comley.

The blog notes the imagery of the wording ‘swallowed up’. Parental rights ‘swallowed up’ by the jewish monsters of the jewdiciary. The public is left to speculate if traditional parental rights to their own children will be restored if the monster is gutted, disemboweled, and dismembered on the steps of the state supreme court?

There is a reason God provides the faithful with belt-fed ammo.

Time to eviscerate the jewish monsters who swallow parental rights?
Jewish destruction of parental rights has a face. Remember it!
Second Amendment parental rights protection starter package, a people’s check to jewdicial discretion.

Editor’s note: In the old days of non-pedo controlled jewdiciary, the state only had jurisdiction over children of the marriage. Connecticut is so into child trafficking that if the Brady Bunch was in family court, the jews would give the boys to a yeshiva in New Haven to pleasure the rabbi and the girls would be given to a pimp to turn tricks at a truck stop on 95, all because a state employee in black robe found best interest.