Weaponized Kids

How the jews of Connecticut weaponize children for the sole benefit of jews. Ever realize that the Bar Association is a jewish invention? The invention of no-fault divorce is jewish. Custody fights are jewish. Efforts to destroy the Christian sacrament of marriage are jewish. Minimizing the importance of family as the foundation of society is jewish. Promoting sexual deviancy, pederasty and butchering of genitalia is all jewish.

Jewish philosophy runs Connecticut’s family court system. Developed and administrated by a long line of jewish pedophiles, supported by low life salivating lawyers, hungry for billable hours. The present system works perfectly to devour family savings, destroy parent-child bonds, and inflict psychological harm on kids that will live on into the next generation. All jewish! The sovereign Nutmegs have allowed jews to prey on children and families, a jewish sport of attacking humanity. Jews like Dranginis, Solomon, Gruendel, Wetstone, Libbin, Dembo, Munro, Adelman, Bright, Borden, Grossman, Heller, Katz, Ficeto all operate from the edicts of the Talmud to victimize goyim in rabbinical courts of jewery. Their number one goal is to protect the pedophiles, number two is to destroy parent-child bonds, and number three is to steal as much of the family’s money as possible.

A prime example of the terrorist rabbinical family court in overdrive is the jew fleecing of the Dulos family, orchestrated by jew lawyer Reuben Midler and doting jew Judge Donna Heller. Protracted litigation to enrich lawyers. Extra legal fees for a purposeless GAL, Michael Meehan. More money for jew psychologist to ‘evaluate’ nothing, to provide income for geezer pedo Dr. Stephen Herman. The jewdicial scam of ‘psyche evals’ for parents with money. The poor goy with no shekels don’t get evaluations. Orders of ‘supervised visitation’, a restriction of liberty absent due process for the purpose of humiliating a parent in the eyes of the child, while enriching another jew with family savings for Dennis Puebla by order of a jew judge. $200/hr to watch a fit parent spend time with kids, just jewish thievery. Communications will be directed through the jewish ‘family wizard’ a simple email program which extracts more family money, while providing kickbacks to the jew judge who ordered its use, a First Amendment violation. Then there is the jew court order for the use of a jew ‘therapist’ to convince the children that everything the jew court is doing to ruin their childhood is in their ‘best interest’. Only the jews call brainwashing of children ‘therapeutic’.

The jewish court scam is revealed by the simple fact that there are no state contracts with these jewish predators appointed by the jew court. How does the judge know to appoint these charlatans? They are not on a state vendor list, they are not on any list of approved providers anywhere in the court system. They are just jewish pals of a jewish judge being handed free money for no purpose in law. So jewish! Note that jewish psychobabblists like Freedman, Caverly, Gruen, Smith, Horowitz, Hechtman are jewdicial pets, but are not approved vendors to the state. All protected by doting jewish judges.

Had enough of the jew control of the family court racketeering operation? Time to root out the monsters? Time to take action to protect children? Anything wrong with a posse running down horse thieves? Justice by noose? Perhaps the laws of prior generations had more immediate and direct effect than today’s pointless public hearings before a joint committee controlled by jew judges. What if feeble committee members with Bar membership were hunted down for misplaced jewish allegiance? Colonial tar and feathers? What is the modern day remedy for pedo protectors who masquerade as representatives of the people? What if an angry mob chanting ‘Children Lives Matter’ stormed Chief Justice Robinson’s temple of Talmudic rule and burned it to the ground? Redress of grievance? Freedom of expression? Or just revolt against jewish rule? What if family court judges were tracked by rioters, pulled from their cars, beaten with a brick?

Given today’s political unease, the free pass of violence given to protected leftist groups, perhaps the same conduct be equally applied to the monsters of family court. As Judge Albis abhors the term ‘crusade’ just call it a jihad!!

Jihad motherfuckers! The absolute constitutional remedy to child predators of jewish family courts.
Just burn it!