Dee v Couloute

The American court system is an adversarial forum.  Two opposing parties duke it out before competent authority and the best legal warrior wins.  A made for TV propagandist description which overlooks reality.  Every now and again there is a twist where drama triumphs over law. Let’s take the lowly court battle between Family Support Magistrate Julie A. Dee of Erie County, NY. and the arrogant… Read More »Dee v Couloute

Jews v Christians

The jew judges undoing case law written by christian judges.

Perjury…lie at will

Ever notice that perjury is never prosecuted in family courts?  To a degree it is encouraged as it creates conflict, drags out litigation and enriches lawyers. No matter where in the country, no matter what family court, no matter what the penal code states as to the sanctity of sworn testimony, there is an unwritten Talmud edict among prosecutors that family court perjury is a… Read More »Perjury…lie at will

Family Relations Officers

Connecticut family relations officers are mere child traffickers on the state payroll.

Connecticut Judges Meeting

The black robed monsters take a day off to meet for thirty minutes to suggest not to meet again.

Connecticut State Speech Police

Here we go again folks.  The Major Crime Clowns of the Connecticut State Gestapo are pulling overtime investigating tweets and facebook posts.  Don’t like a judge?  Suggest the judge be tarred and feathered like the good old days of American Patriotism?  Well, newsflash, this ain’t America and Colonel Alaric Fox is no patriot.  Your political speech will be silenced on orders from above. The Detective… Read More »Connecticut State Speech Police

Court Labels

How the filings expose the money and the kids to rape.

Bozzo is at it again

Deviant miscreant Judge Elizabeth Bozzuto rigs the court to screen out the unprofitable cases and focus on trafficking kids.