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Litigation Context?

Time to dissect more lawyer speak. The Orwellian word salad of Attorney Kristan Maccini of Howd&Ludorf has caught the attention of the now famous blog’s editorial staff. As medieval alchemists plied their trade of turning lead into gold for gullible kings, today’s lawyers mix meaningless words to create alien legal concepts inflicted on society thru incompetent courts ruled over by equally twisted judges.

The mentally deranged Maccini, under the expert supervision of managing partner Tom Gerarde, pleads in federal court that four municipal employees of the Bloomfield Police Department need a protective order to guard against criminal conduct of the internet and the pesky requirements of the First Amendment. Maccini claims the internet is harassing and threatening Chief of Police Paul Hammick and his underlings. She claims that these cops freely answered questions in a deposition, but such answers cannot be disseminated to the public, as it would be outside the context of the litigation? WTF?

Bloomfield cops get sued in federal court for fabricating an arrest warrant to seize a child sex toy for the private claim of the notorious Matthew Couloute of Georgia. Old blog news. The federal court action is the remedy for their willful deprivation of rights of a citizen. Cops get deposed. The cops say some really stupid shit in deposition, exposing the complete incompetence of the entire Bloomfield Police Department, a matter of great public interest. The matter is of grave interest to the taxpayers of Bloomfield who fund these incompetent donut whores and who will soon be paying out for their misconduct. Maccini is well aware of the stupidity of her clients, Chief Paul Hammick, Detective Zachary Klomberg, Lieutenant Matthew Suplee, and K9 puppy cop Brendan Danaher. She sat through three days of depositions with them, but could not prevent admissions that the Bloomfield Police department is a shit show of incompetence. Now she demands that Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut issue a gag order to prohibit public scrutiny of her public clients. She demands that the deposition recordings are not to be disclosed outside the ‘context of the litigation’. What is she trying to hide?

The American justice system abhors secret tribunals, the courts are pubic forums, subject to scrutiny of a sovereign people, a right enshrined in the First Amendment and protected under the Second Amendment with powder and shot. The dumb fucks under the command of Chief Paul Hammick commit a gross injustice in violation of public trust to arrest an innocent person on claim of the state paedophiles. What is the context of litigation? The public is quite interested in why municipal police are being sued for such egregious behavior in Judge Underhill’s court. The context is very much public. Public officials being interrogated for felonious conduct outside their job function is a public matter. It is not a matter for the federal court to conceal from the public, who does not stand for word salad of ‘context of litigation’. It is squarely in the public domain how public employees respond to formal interrogations about their misconduct. After all, Chief Hammick and his goons were being paid with public funds for every hour they sat in deposition, plus travel expenses. The people of Bloomfield, who paid for their time to answer the questions, are entitled to know what these clowns are saying while on the public clock.

Chief Hammick is sorely mistaken, if he believes the shit from his mouth in a deposition on police misconduct can be shielded from public scrutiny. The fact that he is even asking for a gag order on his deposition just heightens public interest … what is the Chief of Police trying to hide from the people of Bloomfield?

Stay tuned!

Judge Stefan Underhill, being asked to gag the depositions of Chief of Bloomfield Police and his goons by motion of nutjob lawyer Kristan Maccini.