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Bloomfield Police Failure

The legal scholars of the now famous blog examine the gross errors of the Bloomfield Police and the Connecticut prosecutor’s office in their fabricated effort to retrieve a child sex toy from across state lines on the private claim of blog famous Matthew Couloute of Georgia and his private legal advisor Attorney Ryan McGuigan. The matter is presently before Judge Stefan Underhill of D. Connecticut on federal complaint of deprivation of rights. Blog aficionados know the story of how K9 puppy cop Brendan Danaher worked under the supervision of Chief Paul Hammick to get ASA Danielle O’Connell to accept an arrest application for signature by Judge Omar Williams to issue a felony arrest warrant for a mother in New York to force the return of the child to the custody of Couloute.

The federal pleadings by Danaher’s lawyer, Attorney Kristan Maccini, of Howd&Ludorf, are quite comical. Smoke and mirrors being the standard defense for the guilty, Maccini claims all police procedures were correct, Couloute was not lying, Bloomfield Police executed a thorough investigation, and no wrongs were committed. Unfortunately, the now famous blog can see through the lawyer tricks, noting that the criminal justice system of Connecticut omitted one glaring bit of law. If the gullible judge of the federal court is to believe that all the accused defendants in the suit were little saints adhering to law, then why were the U.S. Marshals not notified that the fugitive mother had ‘kidnapped’ the child from the lawful custodianship of Matthew Couloute? Oops!

Again, the issue is of legal technicalities which are supposedly beyond the grasp on non-lawyer types. The federal Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act allows for use of the U.S. Marshal Service to hunt down a parent who illegally absconds across state lines with a child of divorce. If the public is to believe that Connecticut acted properly in issuing a felony arrest warrant for Couloute’s claim of mother’s illegal possession of the child, then the proper course of action was to enlist the aid of the U.S. Marshals, who would have just kicked down mom’s door in any of the other 49 states, seized the child, and executed a federal arrest under a charge of Parental Kidnapping. See the contradiction in claims before Judge Underhill by the Bloomfield Police?

The simple answer to the contradiction is that Bloomfield Police and the Connecticut prosecutors would have exposed their scam to federal scrutiny. The U.S. Marshals are not stupid. Connecticut’s fabrication would have been instantly identified by the feds. Mother had every right to be in another state with the child. Couloute was a resident of Georgia whose authorities made no claim of parental kidnapping. The child was under the jurisdiction of a New York court, as was Couloute. Connecticut had no standing to ask the Marshals for assistance under the Act. The Marshals would have refused the request. Hence the fabricated Connecticut arrest warrant and the lies by Officer Danaher about Connecticut court jurisdiction overruled the New York court who had issued a protective order barring Couloute from entering the state. K9 cops are so tricky!

Game over. Bloomfield Police are guilty of fraud. The people of Bloomfield, under the pathetic municipal leadership of Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown funded a group of thugs with guns, badges, and attitude to ignore the rule of law, violate a citizen’s rights, all to fraudulently kidnap a child for the private claim of Couloute, from Georgia. Nice try, but the pedo cops of Connecticut shot themselves in the foot. Cops knowing just a little bit about the law and taking direction from Couloute and McGuigan just bought the people of Bloomfield a costly settlement for deprivation of rights.

Time for Colonel Stavros Mellekas of the Connecticut State Police to arrest Chief Paul Hammick for conspiracy to de-fraud the people, conspiracy to fabricate evidence, conspiracy to kidnap a child, conspiracy to traffic a child across state lines? How is society served by the thin blue thugs when the police become the criminals?

The blog sees all!

How will federal Judge Stefan Underhill address the Connecticut child kidnapping conspirators?
Will Colonel Stavros Mellekas investigate and arrest the conspirators?