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Prick Meehan

The now famous blog takes this opportunity to highlight the standard of attorney lying and cheating in the cesspool of the Connecticut Bar Association. Attorney Michael Meehan has updated his website with more bullshit of his existence as an absolute prick, after doing such a wonderful job for the Dulos children in his role of Guardian Ad Litem in a simple no-fault divorce case. The blog cannot make this shit up, it is all taken from Meehan’s own website.

Mikey claims he is one of Connecticut’s leading matrimonial trial lawyers. A statement equal to a prostitute boasting of a chlamydia infection. He practices family law as he says it is ‘easy money’. He misleads the reader that he is married with three daughters, living in an expensive house in Fairfield. In reality, first marriage failed miserably, family torn to bits, his Catholic upbringing by his adulterous father ‘King Richard‘, known for banging his office secretary and other perversions, having great influence on the molding of son Michael The Prick. Mikey is on wife #2 who needed a fully paid meal plan. Mikey focuses on matrimonial law representing suckers in family court, as he cannot practice any real law, just the jew scam of family fleecing. Mikey claims he is a skilled negotiator and litigator who represents his clients with a firm, but empathetic client-centric approach. Like the scam he pulled on the Dulos children, where his negotiating skills generated kickbacks from jew boy Reuben Midler for Mikey’s skills in prolonging pointless litigation, driving the client’s parents crazy until they were both dead. Sixteen requests for GAL status conferences? Nice job Mikey, a true guardian! Those negotiation skills do not apply in a gravy train case. Ninety minutes worth of chatting would have resolved the Dulos no-fault divorce without even a courtroom appearance, but Mikey needed the money and the lives of five Dulos kids did not matter to his wallet.

Mikey’s bullshit goes on to claim that he believes trust between the lawyer and children is essential in order to understand a family’s needs. He can identify issues and formulate a timely, efficient, and affordable responses, just like he did for the Dulos kids. Strategizing is a critical component to Mikey’s practice, but who is kidding whom, there is no legal strategy to obtain a no-fault divorce; it is administratively granted by anyone who asks for it. Mikey is a SUPER LAWYER, just ask the Dulos kids.

Mikey brags that he has dragged ten families to trial in the Regional Family Trial Docket, the private Star Chamber where families are robbed and children are trafficked. Mikey is strangely proud of this statistic, despite his expert negotiator skills. The public knows that Mikey does not make money negotiating, he makes money by dragging out pointless litigation to generate billable hours. Note that Mikey’s claim of ‘complex’ matrimonial cases are all about money. Again, what is complex about a ‘no-fault’ divorce?

Mikey works with a vast array of professionals, mental health professionals, including marriage and family therapists, clinical and forensic psychologists, and psychiatrist, in-patient and out-patient mental health and addiction programs, in most cases he is the patient, but he wants you to be proud of his treatment programs. His doctors are going to try Ketamine next.

Mikey is a complete loser. His grandpa was appointed judge of Superior Court in 1979, but was kicked off the bench two years later. His daddy is a crook. Mikey is a worthless bottom feeding family court lawyer whose only claim to fame is destroying the Dulos family for a few sheckels. Five orphans being the direct result of Mikey’s inability to practice law. May karma find Mikey!

Five orphans, Michael Meehan was their ‘guardian’.
Karma is a good boi.
Prick Meehan