Police Privacy!

The now famous blog is even more famous, as Judge Sefan Underhill, the queer judicial authority of the federal District Court of Connecticut has ruled that police privacy needs to be protected from ravages of the First Amendment, the internet, and this blog!!! The blog takes this opportunity to thank the federal court for providing a bloglicious opinion that Bloomfield Police Officers need privacy protection, because their property records are on the internet, and Attorney Ryan McGuigan was Matthew Couloute’s escort the night of making the fabricated criminal complaint of custodial interference. Nothing like a Connecticut pedo child trafficking story to pique public interest in the criminal justice system that functions to retrieve child sex toys across state lines, based on criminal conduct by a BPD puppy cop; help from ASA Danielle O’Connell and nigger boy Judge Omar Williams, notwithstanding.

A bunch of crooked cops get deposed as part of a federal civil rights suit against the pedo players of Bloomfield Police. So why does gay boy Judge Sefan Underhill, a known Connecticut pedo protector, even care about a blog or the extent of public interest? The expert legal department of the now famous blog dissects Underhill’s pathetic writing in his 17 pages of horseshit, which is summed up by saying that a municipal property record showing the address of a public official is worthy of a protective order. Hilarious!

Top to bottom analysis of Underhill’s blithering: Opening paragraph, Underhill correctly summarizes that Matthew Couloute made a false felony complaint to Bloomfield Police puppy cop Brandon Danaher, who Underhill allowed to be sued for being a crook. Super cunt Attorney Kristan Macinni wants a protective order, lest the public see how corrupt Bloomfield Police really are, in making public statements about their own criminal conduct. Underhill then rambles on for eleven pages about relevant law, omitting the reality that the public can scrutinize everything in a public forum, like maybe the address of a federal judge at 40 Sherley Place in Fairfield. The public domain is public for a reason.

Next, gay boy judge highlights the claims by Bloomfield cops to secrecy of answers to questions about their own criminal conduct; total bullshit. Like when did cop misconduct qualify for withholding information from the public who pays their salaries? BPD claims that the now famous blog is “posting threats, abusive comments, and defamatory statements” …. did you get that? Like d’Blog ever hands out compliments? The federal court entertains a criminal complaint by sworn law enforcement officers that they are being criminally threatened by protected speech in cyberspace!! But the gay federal judge omits the fact that there is no arrest warrant issued by prosecutors on complaint of the cops that they are being threatened by the now federally famous blog. WTF? The Bloomfield Police are suffering from threats, abuse, and defamation but they do not have a criminal investigation opened, no search warrants, and no application for arrest of the source of the criminal threats … but gay boy Underhill accepts the thin blue whining as cause for a protective order. All cause to laugh … courts are insane, gay judges have a reality problem, probably as a result of sore butts.

Judge Underhill accepts Bloomfield Police complaint that this evil blog will taint the jury pool by offensive posts. Now just let that sink in. The pedo protectors of Bloomfield claim that the sovereign people of Connecticut are so stupid that they will believe this blog rather than the sworn law enforcement officers who traffic sex toys across state lines for pedo pleasures and revenue generation for Matthew Couloute. Does Judge Underhill really fear d’Blog? Who believes Couloute? He is a liar, a cheat, licensed attorney, and alumni to the State prosecutor’s club. C’mon, no one gonna believe that nigger. He so dumb and stupid, he lives on food stamps in a rundown house with no working air conditioner in Georgia and can’t provide any financial support for his daughter unless she be turning tricks for his pedo pals.

The most troubling dicta of gay boy Underhill is his claim that there is not a ‘strong public interest’ in a deposition involving police misconduct. Does Judge Stefan Underhill have clerk Joey’s dick so far up his ass that he feels empowered to speak for the ‘public’? Is this the new found power of gay judges on the federal bench to decide the interest of a sovereign people?

The now famous blog is mentioned by name on page 16 of gay boy Underhill’s rather obvious favor to the pedo protectors of Bloomfield Police Department. In doing so, gay boy Underhill invites the blog to express the public interest over his butchering of law and fabricated claim to privacy by crooked cops operating in a public domain, subject to public scrutiny, protected under the First Amendment.

The fukking faggot federal judge wraps up by granting the protective order barring public review of transcripts and videos of Chief Paul Hammick’s testimony about his child trafficking efforts, lest his neighbors in Tunxis Village in Farmington realize that a professional pedo protector and child molester lives at 137 with his adoring wife Maura.

When this matter goes to trial, gay boy Underhill will be forced to recuse himself, as there are avid blog readers in the jury pool. First Amendment bites.

Gay Boy Judge Underhill, decides public interest in protection of pedo cops.
Attorney Kristan Macinni, forcing a federal judge off a case for claim that free speech taints a jury pool. Dumb cunt.
Public domain.