The legal beagles in the law department of the now famous blog use this post to spotlight the unconstitutional practice of Connecticut family court in barring a parent from filing without first asking the evil jewish court permission to do so. The discussion is rather technical, but clearly shows that the jews in black robes will shred state and federal constitutions to protect pedophiles.

The ‘Strobel’ orders were created by blog famous tit-less jew Judge Holly Wetstone in 2003. Holly is a blog favorite for her crazy courtroom behaviour, lack of brains, pointless vindictiveness, and total disregard for the law. Rose Strobel was married to pedophile Kevin Strobel who bred a sex toy, then divorced, cutting mom out of the child’s life. Blog famous GAL Janis Laliberte looked after the kid’s best interest. Blog aficionados know that when Attorney Janis Laliberte is involved, there are pedophiles about. The divorce began in December 1994, by June 2003, there had been 230 motions filed, half by mom, half by dad. Big whoop, 230 motions over 450 weeks is one motion every two weeks, a light load for Connecticut. Neither party was wasting money on a lawyer. Mom did not have the money and dad had GAL Laliberte to protect his deviant sexual abuse of the kid. Mom knew the kid was being abused and Holly Wetstone knew that mom knew it and exactly why Laliberte was on the case. Pedo protection is serious issue for Wetstone. So mom is barred from filing any post-judgement motions without permission of the court. Family court is not kind to mothers who know what dad is doing to the kid. Silly words in the state constitution do not apply when pedophile protection becomes a duty of the court. Note that Holly would later preside over 86 days of trial in the Tauck case in the summer of 2007.

Rose Strobel appeals Holly’s special due process for protective mothers, where three jews, Bishop, DiPentima, and Berdon uphold Holly’s deprivation of rights, slamming the court door in mom’s face in the 2005 decision. Janis Laliberte was ecstatic!! But wait! Did the appellate court overturn case law of the state supreme court in its callous, pedo protecting ruling? Of course it did! Seven years prior to this pedo Strobel ruling, the high court ruled in Ahneman v Ahneman, that ‘courts are in the business of ruling on litigants’ contentions’ holding a ‘duty to determine every question that may arise in the cause’. That is supreme case law of Connecticut! Family Court is paid to decide motions brought by parents until the kids age out of the system. Simple. Holly is paid by the state to sit on the family bench and rule on all motions filed with the court … that is her job.

The high court’s 1998 opinion in Ahneman overturned the lower court clowns who had ruled similarly to Strobel. The Ahneman opinion simply quoted a high court case from 1924. Did you catch that? Strobel overturned two state supreme court opinions, spanning 80 years, without blinking an eye. See how pedos work?

The Strobel order, engineered by Holly and her band of pedophile protectors, is a violation of equal protection and due process, a violation of state and federal constitutions, and denial of the redress clause of the First Amendment. Connecticut sez that you can’t access the family court unless a jew in a black robe permits your goyish pleading. In Ahneman, the high court stated exactly the opposite, as being ‘particularly important in the context of marital dissolution cases because of the likelihood of continuing changes in the parties’ circumstances requiring continuing dispute resolution by the court.’

A case with two hundred motions over 10 years is nothing. Jen Dulos’ case had over 350 motions in less than two years, where she never made it to a divorce. Jew Judge Donna Heller did not enter a ‘Strobel’ order in that case, the lawyers were making too much money. Strobel orders only appear where there is a ‘pro se’ litigant, meaning it is a tool of the court to deny access to those who do not pay the Bar Association fees to use the court. It is also a sure sign there is a pedophile involved.

Jews of Connecticut family court shred the constitution to protect pedophiles.
No surprise that pedo protector Janis Laliberte was involved in the Strobel case, sixteen years later she is still protecting pedophiles with jewish blessing.