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From time to time, the now famous blog, profiles one of those nasty, incompetent lawyers who is so stupid that they are forced to practice family law for food, being totally untrustworthy to any client with a real legal issue. Today d’Blog spotlights DORI-ELLEN SCHECKNER FELTMAN out of Westport, Connecticut, who prides herself on the inability to practice law outside the cesspool of family court. Dori advertises that she is focused on her client and the family, while hiding the fact that she just drools over billable hours. Dori is a scam artist.

The first red flag with Dori is her boasts of education at U. Michigan, London School of Economics and Washington University School of Law. If someone is so educated, why practice in family court? The second red flag is that this little jewish-american-princess is jewish. Third red flag is her deceptive advertising that she will solve your divorce drama in a blissful manner, when in reality she will just drag out litigation, destroy the family, harm the children and rape the family savings account, while laughing all the way to the bank. Let’s examine a bit of her handiwork.

The Clemens marriage hit the rocks over six years ago, where hubby Kevin filed for divorce, hiring Dori to be his ‘lawyer’. Kevin is such a pathetic individual that he could not sit down with the mother of his kids and work out the simple, administrative, no-fault divorce. Dori stood by his side, picking his wallet one billable hour at a time, until the split was official seven months later. Pretty quick by Connecticut standards. The now divorced parents could live their separate lives, sharing parental duties free of marital bonds … how blissful! But wait! Two months after the celebration of divorce, ex-hubby Kevin is back in court with Dori claiming contempt against the mother of his kids. Blog aficionados know this lawyer trick well. Run the family through a quick divorce, wait a bit, then run up the billable hours on post-judgment litigation. In the case of the Clemens family, the parents agreed to joint custody, but now, 5 years and five months later, another 135 docket entries, Dori is arguing her fourth motion to modify custody on behalf of Kevin. Talk about $$$$. Dori provided expert legal advice to Kevin during the divorce, but that was just a set up. Nine months later she filed her first motion to modify the agreement, claiming Kevin must now have sole custody of the kids … such a manly claim for Kevin who can’t satisfy a woman, but can flush his money down Dori’s bank hole. Dori filed second motion to modify custody just three years after that failure, then a third, a year and a half after that, just in March of this year, which also failed, and now yesterday filed her fourth attempt to modify the custody agreement, which she helped settle. So what is more profitable to a lawyer? Drag out pendente lite litigation or fuel the post-judgment conflict to undo what was agreed to? Looks like Dori knows that asking the court to modify custody four times in less than five years is a money maker, compared to arguing over it only once before the divorce. See the jewish scam on the goy? The Clemens’ have no clue they are being played for lawyer feed. Kevin is officially a blog jerk, worthy of ridicule and must surrender his man card, for being played by the little jap Dori, to the harm of his kids, and their mother. Kevin would rather spend his money on a worthless jap lawyer than on his own children. Psyche eval for Kevin? Or perhaps he just needs to be beaten by elders, until he realizes his parental duties.

The docket stats tell the story. The divorce took 35 line items, in 7 months. The post-judgment conflict has racked up 135 line items, in 60 months. This is how Dori constructs an annuity from the Clemens family; constant, purposeless litigation, fueled by incompetent legal advice, providing her a stream of income. Anyone care to estimate the total case revenue collected by Dori?

The financial cost of this pointless litigation is pale compared to the psychological harm on mom and the children, but lawyers don’t care. Parents and children are just fodder to be chewed up in the name of lawyer feed by the jews who operate in family court, a system so sinister that if it were not run by the state, it would be illegal. Just another public service message brought to you by d’Blog: Stay away from Dori-Ellen Scheckner. Feltman, Esq. she is a danger to parents and children everywhere.

Editor’s Note: If Dick The Butcher kills all the lawyers, then parents would have to act like parents, family court would have no purpose, as dead lawyers can’t charge. Shakespeare is insightful.

Attorney Dori-Ellen S. Feltman, con-artist; threat to parents and children.
Kevin Clemens, client of Feltman, dumbest father in family court. Needs to turn in his man card.