The jew will be the downfall of humanity and today Judge Thomas Moukawsher of Connecticut family court showed the world what happens to those who call out parasites who rape childhood in worship of the talmudic money god. The judiciary shreds the redress clause of the First Amendment in demanding disbarment of a lawyer for stating the obvious jew racketeering in the simple, no-fault, dissolution of marriage proceedings administered by the court. Mouk tossed due process to the wind, having sat as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner, he bellowed that the accused had already been condemned to die, the hearing was just to determine the form of death. Connecticut jurisprudence at its finest.

Five jews conspire in family court to isolate three children from their mother for the benefit of a homo/paedo named Chris Ambrose. Queer nut job who gets his rocks off on inflicting pain and suffering on his kids, while attracted to child porn with a twist of latino boys with short haircuts, something about Barbershops and boy ass. The State has no interest in isolating Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from their mother. The sovereign people did not petition that mom is a harm to the kids or that kids be denied mom hugs. DCF never even suggested mom was a problem, but found that dad needed intensive state intervention. The sinister action is criminal conduct by jew Judges Adelman and Grossman, on advice of jew psychobabblist Dr. Jessica Caverly, PhD, supported by jew attorneys Nancy Aldrich and Jocelyn Hurwitz, who receive large financial rewards from paedo monster dad. Got it? All jews doing jew shit for jew reward of cold hard cash from a paedophile. Jews rape anyone for a buck, kids are easy prey.

Family Court of Connecticut has been a jewish playground of free cash for years. All the details of so-called ‘family law’ is created by jews. The statutes, the procedures, the major case law, all authored by jews. No hiding the obvious fact. The King of Court was Judge Elliot Solomon, a jew of Talmudic evil who trained all the predatory judges, created the hidden rules, undermined statutes, thwarted legislative intent, and cleared the path that all decisions of raping childhood are exempt from appellate review, protected under jewdicial discretion. Whatever the jew judge feels like, simply fucks the kids. Rule of law is an illusion in family court. No strict scrutiny, no scrutiny at all, fundamental liberty interests go up in smoke. Destroy a parent-child bond at a stroke of a pen, call it discretion in best interests, goy family destruction per talmudic edict. Damage to the children will last a lifetime. Empty the family bank, call mom crazy, traffic children; just what the jew court is designed to do, an un-American institution that enriches jews by sacrificing children to the jew money god. Only thing to reverse abusive orders from a jew in a black robe is a .50 cal to the head, providing manure for the Tree of Liberty, which Judge Moukawsher is making extremely thirsty at the moment; parched one might say.

The star of today’s drama is Disciplinary Counsel Leanne Larson, a pathetic excuse of a human, sucking Mouk’s cock for a rich paycheck ($122k/yr). The state sends forth a brainless cunt, with smelly tampon, to claim zealous advocacy violates Rules of Professional Conduct. The judicial branch proclaims that a ZEALOUS ADVOCATE pleading against a jewish rat pack to protect Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer will be DISBARRED for pissing off the jews. Think Larson is going to survive a .50 cal to the head? A good ol’ rope and a tree? A cold float to Long Island? Repeated panic attacks over a well regulated parental militia with bare arms following her own family members? Fat blonde voo doo dolls stuck with pins?

Attorney Larson, being holier than thou, charges that Rule 3.1 Meritorious Claims, is violated as arguing against jew judge rulings forcibly isolating kids from mom is frivolous. Arguing against the court’s momectomy is misconduct by a licensed attorney, calling out criminal conduct in the courtroom, or seeking to remedy the ‘discretionary error’ of two jews in black robes is now attorney MISCONDUCT. The court being the alternative to violence, where papers and arguments are now ruled frivolous by Mouk, Larson incites a sovereign people to violence in remedy of inhumane jewish abuse of children. Well regulated dry powder and shot, or like maybe just burn the courthouse to the ground, with Leanne Larson tied to the bench, the practice book shoved up her ass, maybe two, or three, as it is a big ass; the Practice Book contains the Rules.

The jewdiciary is blaming mother’s lawyer with delay of litigation, but jews Aldrich, Adelman, and Hurwitz gleefully listened to five days of paedo dad’s testimony as to why he wanted to divorce his wife under the ‘no-fault’ statute. He read his own prepared script. All he had to do was state the marriage was irretrievably broken down and it is over. But five days of testimony generated $40k of jew revenue. Judge Adelman spent three days of trial hunting telephone numbers of persons not joined in suit nor called as witnesses. He also spent two days on a broken laptop, then another two days on contempt of the internet; all matters unrelated to best interest of children. Larson is merely a Salem witch trial prosecutor and mom’s lawyer is a witch.

Next Larson claims violation of Rule 3.2 Expediting Litigation, a delay of litigation being fault of the attorney. Like when do lawyers ever work to shorten litigation and reduce their fee? Jews love money, jewish lawyers love billable hours, more of which come from protracted litigation. The ultimate game of the Bar, maximize fees for everyone! The scam of family court is to drag out the ‘no-fault’ action to maximize billings, the judges support this. The rule is a jewish joke on the goy. Larson claims that filing lots of motions, pointing out the jew judges violate state law and public policy is not part of the adversarial system for little people. Larson intentionally ignores that rich folk can have 86 days of trial before jew Judge Holly Wetstone, using all the court time, file all the papers the lawyers desire, run up $11M in fees and call it a ‘record’ for the ten law firms in the Tauck case. But for lawyers not blessed by the jew, Larson sez: 36 days is MISCONDUCT. Leanne Larson needs a lesson in equal protection, like maybe the equal force of gravity on a body hanging from a noose from the Charter Oak, with two copies of the Rules shoved up her ass? Why is the Tauck case the proper administration of justice, where mom’s attorney in Ambrose case is facing disbarment? Something here is smelling awfully jewish.

As Carl Marx appropriately noted, the jewish worldly religion is HUCKSTERING, the jew god is MONEY, which degrades all virtue of man. The jew merchant attorney profits from suffering and abuse. Jews are a danger to all cultures. The day approaches for their wholesale expulsion, a choice of life or death, health or disease, peaceful people or perpetual social fever. Family court’s rape of childhood gives cause for demise of the jew. Jew Judges being the yardstick of evil, against all tyranny is measured.

Note that the jews of family court did not expedite the litigation for Jen Dulos. Jew Judge Donna Heller, along with jew Attorney Reuben Midler and jew psychobabblist Dr. Stephen Herman never even got to trial after two years of litigation. The jews realized the Dulos family was broke, but also knew Grandma Farber was rich!! See Blog article Fueling Conflict and Simply Money, which explain the jew game of family court from opposite ends of the financial spectrum. Note Nancy Tauck’s lawyer was Reuben Midler who was not charged with misconduct by the judicial branch, he was a blessed jew.

Larson makes violation soup out of Rule 3.3 Candor, and Rule 3.5 Decorum, in that calling a spade a spade is not Zealous Advocacy. Larson claims that fighting to protect Mia, Matthew, and Sawyer from abuse undermines public confidence in the family court. Larson is too stupid to realize that there is NO CONFIDENCE in the family court, the very reason that jew Judge Jane Emons was kicked off the bench is the horror of family court. The legislative branch of government has no confidence in the jew court. Same reason that dyke Judge Maureen Murphy resigned rather than face reappointment questions on her monstrous conduct on the bench. Judge Munro resigned to avoid a similar inquisition, as did Judge Elaine Gordon; paedo pressures leave a mark. Judge Bozzuto was kicked to administration to protect children. Larson is also subject to these so-called Rules, but she makes false public statements that the public has faith in the jewish, racketeering, child trafficking operation mislabeled ‘family court’. Like who the fuck is Larson to speak for ‘we the people’ who will soon be hunting her fat dumb ass? There is plenty of public testimony before the judiciary committee that proves Larson is lying on behalf of the jews. Larson is part of the state paedo ring, a guardian of the evil cesspool, attacking any advocate who challenges child trafficking rulings.

‘We the people’ hold no respect for the family court, just review the last two decades of hearings on the subject before the legislature. The judges run a criminal operation for the sole purpose of enriching lawyers by creating pain and suffering of children, a jewish delicacy. Adelman is a monster, no one ever took the assembly floor to say anything nice about him. He earned the label DARK LORD for a reason. He has an aura of oily malfeasance which betrays a satanic interest in children.

Judicial misconduct is a team effort documented in the recommendations from the 2002 Rowland Report where jew Judge Annie Dranginis recommends more money for private pay GALs, vendors, and attorneys. A jewdicial mafia conspiring to bleed families dry for a simple ‘no-fault’ divorce. Larson needs a lynching. There is no integrity in a court whose judges run up the bill for the sole purpose of enriching their jewish Bar buddies. Jake Baker has some lighter fluid for a cunt like Larson. Gill Valle probably has a recipe, or two. Tree of Liberty needs some fresh manure.

Larson makes more soup with Rule 8.2 Legal Officials, and Rule 8.4 Misconduct. Somehow ZEALOUS ADVOCACY of an attorney arguing against destruction of mother-child bonds by singular whim of jewish judges is a violation of conduct. But a jew GAL pocketing $200k is just fine by talmudic edicts in a rabbinical court. 626 days of no hugs from mom is just a start for the jewish court. Goy get nothing in rabbinical court under talmudic law. Larson only serves to eviscerate the redress clause from the First Amendment causing patriots, parents, Muslims, and Christians, to walk silently, bearing torches in the middle of the night, dragging tyrants from their beds, paint chimney pots black, apply tar and feathers; a true colonial demise of the evil ones who prey on children in the name of billable hours. Money is the true god of the jew, children just a barbaric sacrifice.

The angry mob will note that Leanne Larson works for Brian Staines, Joseph Del Ciampo, Judge Patrick Carroll and the big nigger himself, the chief child rapist and jew puppet, CJ Richard Robinson. Plenty of tar, plenty of feathers, lot’s of rope, and always .308 ball ammo. The judiciary begs its own demise, slow, painful, hurts whole time dying, demise. A society must protect children, jew judges not so much.

Attorney Leanne Larson has thrown the gauntlet in Moukawsher’s court, the people and their advocates be silenced by wrath of the jew, there is no redress to child trafficking in the talmudic court. The mob’s appellate practice involves headless jewdicial bodies floating down the Connecticut River. The jewdiciary leaves the people with no other recourse to protect children. Game on!

Mouk is unaware that blind obedience to his jewish masters will result in his demise, a foolish fuck he is.

Big nigger sez fuck d’kids, bag the money, this is family court of Connecticut, it is what Jews do!!

Editor’s Note: The fallacy of the adversarial scam of American jurisprudence is that when the court is exposed for its jewness, the zealous advocate gets disbarred for acting under the redress clause. In other words, jews defeat the redress clause when trafficking children in the paedo capital of Connecticut, the very reason the Second Amendment exists … to protect the children.