Where’s Murf?

The famous blog takes note that Judge Maureen M. Murphy is missing from the Connecticut bench of child trafficking and deviant jurisprudence. Murphy is the poster child for all things sexually perverted in the pedo cesspool of Connecticut. She epitomized the evil GAL role in protecting fathers who rape their own children. She ran the staged case to cause the jews to confer gay marriage on the goy of the State through the high court, bypassing the legislature and the will of a sovereign people. Murphy was rewarded for her perverse legal tricks and pedo protection by Governor Malloy who put her on the bench in 2012. Typical Nutmeg political rewards for jewish purposes.

Last seen in New Haven, Murphy quietly slipped out the back door of the courthouse when her term expired. She was up for re-appointment in 2020, but the confirmation hearing never happened, there was no vote by the legislature. She just disappeared the end of May. Her name is not in this year’s judicial directory, but shows up on the state lawyer list. So who else missed the going away party?

Did Governor Lamont decide she should not be put back on the bench? That she was such an inside player to the pedos and perverts that the blog would make another spectacle of the pedo governor playing pedo games? What was so sinister about Murphy that she had to just quietly disappear? Did she cut a deal with the feds? She cut a deal with Patrick Carroll or Elliot Solomon? Pedo trust funds will continue to pay her living expenses, if she just goes away? What powers of darkness yielded, requiring another child molester to be kicked off the bench? Or did the evil clowns in black robes realize that another hearing would overly expose the jew protected realm of child rape to the people once again?

Stay tuned folks, the coverage of the judicial demise of Judge Maureen Murphy continues!

The ugly nasty foul miserable excuse of a human, Maureen Murphy.

UPDATE: Murf was so afraid of another public hearing where her pedo child trafficking games would be exposed, along with her incompetence at law, plus the fact that she was told the legislature would not put her filthy ass back on the bench, she declined Lamont’s re-nomination and slithered off the her liquor cabinet to drown herself in cheap gin, drinking herself into a stupor in a vain attempt to forget the terrible life she lived and trying to ignore the monster that she became in the the name of sexual perversion. She will not escape her misery, left begging for a swift death, but the famous blog hopes for her long stay in a psyche hospital, bed ridden, medicated, shitting herself, while tortured by the memories of a life not worth living, haunted by her passion for raping children. A fine, fitting, old age for such a child predator.