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Where is the statutory authority for retarded Judge Thomas Moukawsher to act as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner in the summary disbarment of a zealous advocate? Where is it? C’mon, someone who can count to Fourteenth Amendment draw a bead on Mouk’s retarded cranial cap; crack a skull, eliminate another terrorist from the bench. RIP moron!

Why is society cursed with these self-chosen assholes? Is it Kundry’s revenge? Jewish deceit upon the goy? Judge Moukawsher can opine of fictitious helicopter door gunners mowing down little brown rice farmers, a twisted character in a twisted movie of no intelligent purpose, for some reason it sticks in Mouk’s mind spilling into a judicial opinion, having no purpose in law. Sort of like Mouk, having no purpose in law, no purpose in life, no one will miss him when zapped by a patriot’s death ray, dismembered by F35 smart bombs or just boiled in excrement for eternity.

Here is the constitutional problem with Moukawsher’s summary disbarment of mom’s lawyer in the Ambrose case … lack of authority. Mouk the moron cites PB§2-45, a ‘rule’, not law, but a rule created under CGS §51-14, which is the state law granting rule making authority for matters of litigation, not of regulating or disciplining lawyers. The practice book ‘rule’ cannot defeat the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment, rules cannot expand nor abridge rights, rules are not law. Is Mouk so retarded he cannot recognize that he begs his own lynching by acting as accuser, judge, jury, and executioner? He draws a bullseye on his own forehead, begs a patriot’s duty. Amazing that a well regulated militia with bare arms and .308 ball has not already popped his skull, splattered his grey matter, and fed him to crusty the crab and pals in the Sound.

Summary disbarment is an undue process not codified in law, not related to litigation, and is another example of how the jewdiciary usurps power reserved to a sovereign people for its own jewish purposes … criticize the jews, be instantly disbarred … how un-American, more like tyranny of a rabbinical court straight out of the talmud. The twisted rules are cleverly written to trick the goy. PB§2-44 sez the Superior Court may disbar for JUST CAUSE. Criticism of jewish players in family court is now JUST CAUSE? C’mon Mouk, who are you kidding. It is JUST CAUSE when Mouk gets a .50 cal to the head, but who gives a shit what a lawyer sez in court … If the gloves don’t fit, must acquit!! Then slippery rule PB§2-45, suspends due process if the cause occurs in court. The jews construct an exception to due process based on geometry, no complaint or hearing if expression of the jewdiciary is made in front of Mouk, instant wrath authorized, protected speech if on the sidewalk. A total jewish defeat of 1st, 5th, and 14th. Jews are slick, but 2nd has flash, bang, and recoil. Reality remains, the practice rule of summary disbarment is not authorized by statute, rules being only for litigation, practice rules cannot defeat the Bill of Rights, and the obvious, that Mouk cannot be accuser, judge, jury, and executioner. But jews don’t care, they will get their pound of flesh, they will make the goy grovel, they wipe their asses with the Constitution, they are jews. More zyklon b!!!! Summary Second Amendment is just life, liberty, and the pursuit of all who threaten it. Mouk gonna hate dat.

Editor’s Note: A singular accuser, judge, jury, executioner is tyranny, Sic Semper Tyrannis, death unto tyrants. Some judges cannot recognize the line when they cross it. The Tree of Liberty is very thirsty.

Manifestation of Moukawsher’s death wish
Full Metal Jacket silver bullet, assures due process, eliminates terrorists, feeds crustaceans in the Sound, refreshes Tree of Liberty, sends a message to the jewdiciary, fixes family court.
Moukawsher: natural manure.