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Deichert’s Answer

The now-famous Blog spotlights the overworked and uneducated legal miscreant, Robert Deichert, who sucks up a state paycheck for fraud of masquerading as an attorney under Willie Tong, commie chink AG of Corrupticut.  Deichert has been unable to respond to the illegal disbarment of a mother’s attorney in over a year, still hitting WestLaw keys looking for answers, making excuses for failure to respond to writ of error. Deichert claims overload, having to answer a federal complaint on the same subject. Blog legal department provides Connecticut’s response to the federal complaint:

Willie Tong, on behalf of the free people of Connecticut, sovereign citizens of the Republic, respond to complaint of due process deprivation with all sincerity and transparency required of the office of Attorney General. The State holds no argument against the due process complaint. Moukawsher is a nutjob, willfully and maliciously violates the 14th Amendment, stripping a person of a property interest, absent due process of law, in denial of equal protection, being deprivation of rights, proscribed criminal conduct under federal law, a felony! The so-called practice rule cited by Mouk for ‘summary disbarment’ is a legacy error from 1890, which no judicial authority since has brains enough to realize single accuser, acting as judge, jury, executioner is impermissible. Connecticut is not known for legal expertise, most state judges are misfits who need a pension, put on the bench by political connections, not expertise in law, Mouk is such a misfit, having a genetic learning disability, so stupid he thinks law is the practice book. The State concedes the complaint, sovereign people make no argument in defense of Mouk; a mob is forming, growing angrier by the day, incited to violence by a rogue judiciary, focused on destruction of rights, disregard of federal law, just downright nasty people from some of the worst law schools in the country. Folks dumber than rocks with law degrees from diploma mills, draped in black robes, providing no benefit to an enlightened society.

There! See how simple it is to respond to complaint of unconstitutional act of Mouk! Now Deichert has no excuse, a copy and past job, file it in federal court, done! Deichert stalls, as the answer is obvious, but Tong’s masters refuse to recognize goy law, rabbinical masters will not admit to error of directive to disbar a critic of talmudic law. Oi vey! Tong is in a pickle. Lie on behalf of a sovereign people to please his masters, or admit the truth, but be out of a job in a week. Tong is stuck between Blog and his masters. No help from Richard Robinson, still being whipped learning his name is Toby. Tong sold his soul to jew Democrat demons, which he cannot deliver with Blog watching. Blog clairvoyance department sees Deichert delaying his appearance, hoping for a miracle, then sheepishly filing a Rule 12(b) motion to dismiss, claiming judicial immunity for Mouk, drag out pleadings, while jew masters threaten federal judge with blood clots, if goy complaint is not instantly dismissed, where Blog fans will only chuckle, while eventually, Deichert will have to pen a deceptive response, lying, betraying public trust, arguing Mouk did nothing wrong, a comedy show of tragic consequences, toppling Tong from his chosen perch, terminating his trajectory promised by his handlers; the end of Tong.

White boy Deichert is cornered, Blog is watching, Tong can’t lie on behalf of sovereign people, Robinson can’t help, Bolden is threatened, response to federal complaint betrays all, who will the jews sacrifice?