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Deichert’s Deceit

The now-famous Blog observes blog star Robert Deichert, assman to CT Attorney General, deceives sovereign nutmegs by filing disinformation in federal court on behalf of nutjob Judge Thomas Moukawsher. The legal beagles of Blog law department are howling at the comic attempt of overpaid ($145k/yr), undereducated Deichert to disavow existence of the federal Constitution. As always, d’Blog ain’t makin’ this shit up.

Deichert finally files appearance for Mouk in the federal civil rights suit, which claims retards in black violate Fourteenth Amendment, wielding discretionary thuggery to disbar an attorney. No state employee can be instantly fired when boss is having a bad hair day, why are jewdicial authorities so special? There is no statutory authority for a judge to strip a citizen of gainful employment on claim of disliked speech. Mouk relies on fabricated power usurped by judges, under guise of litigation practice. Mouk is a retard, so is dickhead Deichert. Blog peels apart Deichert’s lame prose in motion to dismiss the constitutional question.

Deichert opens using the word ‘jew’ seven times in the first two pages, dog whistles to suspend First Amendment, where goy are disbarred for labeling family court a jewdicial cesspool of anti-Christian ideology, gorging itself on shekels, severing mother-child bonds for no State interest; obvious to all. Calling out the rabbinical court of childhood rape, plunder, and loot is ‘misconduct’ in the eyes of Mouk and his jew masters; ordinary people call it protected speech, which Mouk suffers from viewpoint discrimination. Deichert claims mother’s lawyer ‘repeatedly berated’ jew Judge Adelman, more inflammatory prose, as there is a long line of parents who will gladly berate Adelman with a .50 cal to the head. Without a jury trial, Moukawsher rules kike Adelman a saint, finds misconduct of mom’s lawyer for thinking otherwise, which Deichert claims is all the due process allowed. Deichert is dumber than a rock, a danger to society, lying in the name of the sovereign.

Deichert uses eleven pages of bullshit to cry why federal court lacks jurisdiction to take up the constitutional question, in disregard of Fourteenth Amendment Enforcement Acts. Deichert fails to answer the complaint, ignoring the constitutional trespass by Mouk. If sovereign nutmegs want retards disbarring zealous advocates for being zealous, they would have codified it in statute … they did not. Deichert fails to disclose the source of the constitutional error being big dumb nigger boy Robinson who is responsible for unconstitutional contents of practice rule §2-45. Deichert conceals this fact from the federal tribunal, being lack of candor, his misconduct, a deceitful act done in the name of a free people holding Second Amendment flash-bang rights to dispatch domestic enemies of the Constitution. Deichert is not smart, too stupid to remember Blog is watching, along with well-regulated Patriots with bare arms.

Deichert, being a UCONN Law grad, a mental institution disguised as a law school, refuses to admit the obvious, that Mouk cannot be accuser and executioner without violating Fourteenth Amendment. Deichert willfully acts to deceive sovereign nutmegs, who know full well elected representatives of the General Assembly never conferred such tyrannical powers on a single retarded judge of the Superior Court. Mouk holds no immunity for conduct outside judicial function, a point lost on Deichert’s feeble mind. Blog history department covered the 1890 error in previous post. Politic Connecticut existed from 1634 to 1890 without judicial need to instantly slay an attorney, Fourteenth Amendment was violated by CJ Andrews, where nigger boy Robinson continues the practice today. No other state empowers judges to act as accuser and executioner. Constitutional terrorism is alive and well in Corrupticut, where the Bill of Rights falls to jewdicial discretion.

Blog asks the obvious question: Who does Deichert represent? William Tong is a yellow commie chink masquerading as the attorney of the State, while wiping his ass with the Constitution, promoting momectomies. The sovereign people hold no cause in Deichert’s deceit. Does Deichert incite imminent lawless action in defense of rights? Sure looks that way. Is it not time for nigger boy Robinson to reveal the error? Admit that he fucked up? Or remain silent by direction of his jewish masters, shredding rights, warring against the Constitution, begging a noose and a swing from the Charter Oak?

Editor’s Note:  Purpose of Mouk’s instant disbarment of a zealous advocate is to chill all other attorneys who do not get in line with the jewish ideology of family court; call out jewdicial racketeering and rape of childhood, you too will be out of a job.

Trifecta of deceit, war on Constitution, defiance of Fourteenth Amendment.

When rats represent ‘we the people’ Second Amendment replies.